Dance For Me – Queen Latifah

I ain’t playing, you know what I’m saying? This ain’t the best you’ve ever hear coming from a female MC But you know what I mean? (Hail to the Queen!) This MC stands for “;Microphone Commando”; When I command that you take a hand And throw it up in the air, yeah, just like that […]

Princess Of The Posse – Queen Latifah

Forgive the crowds, O Lord, they know not why they sweat me Biting’s against the law in the place that I live So I lock up the door with the keys to my crib The call me the high priestess of this hasta Although I’m not a dread and not a rasta There’s never been […]

Wrath Of My Madness – Queen Latifah

The R. E. posse said “;Yo Latifah we can do this”; So I paused in the thought and in my brillance I caught And I agreed because I already knew this Now you should want to flex, cause I’m in full effect Queen Latifah is five-oh on this set You’ve been begging and dying for […]

A King And Queen Creation – Queen Latifah

Let’s start the show off, sisters ago look alive The Queen Latifah, the King of 45 Bringing a mixture of pure flavor I make beats, she rock rhymes, so I gave a A sample sound, the she added a compound Word, this is for those who haven’t heard A King and Queen combine minds and […]

The Pros – Queen Latifah

I stepped into a basement party in Brooklyn The brothers was looking as soon as I put a foot in A female walked up to me and said “;Latifah bust a line”; I don’t think you’re on the strength, show me the time I said “;If you really want to do this, we can do […]

Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children – Queen Latifah

Possy, Dovey! (Yes mama?) Time to get up! Hello, I’m Queen Latifah, how ya doing? I hope that you’re with this, I hope that you’re willing I want to introduce you to a cut called “;Mama Gave Birth to the Soul Children”; [Dove] Well here comes the goy (Goy?) The truth to the goy You […]