Performer QUEEN

Liar – Queen

I have sinned dear Father Father I have sinned Try and help me Father Won’t you let me in? Liar […]

Rain Must Fall – Queen

Life is so exciting Acting so bizarre Your world is so inviting Playing really cool And looking so mysterious – […]

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

I feel alive and the world it’s turning inside out Yeah! And I’m floating around in ecstasy So don’t stop […]

A Kind Of Magic – Queen

It’s a kind of magic, It’s a kind of magic, A kind of magic, One dream, one soul, one prize, […]

Son And Daughter – Queen

Tried to be your son and daughter rolled into one You said you’d equal any man for having your fun […]

Sweet Lady – Queen

You call me up and treat me like a dog You call me up and tear me up inside You’ve […]

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