In The Fade – Queens Of The Stone Age

Countin and breathin, I’m leaving here tomorrow Way down low, I never do you any good Laughin is easy, I would if I could [chorus:] Ain’t gonna run Just live till you die, wanna drown With nowhere to fall into the arms of someone There’s nothing to save I know You live till you die […]

Quick And To The Pointless – Queens Of The Stone Age

I don’t even know what I’m doing here Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah A little girl can never freeze Off a? you gotta be with me Well I know, you know Everybody everyone let’s go Oh, baby, baby, you’re so sweet Ah, ah, wooo Living is hard, ? I’m so old, you’re so young I know, […]

Auto Pilot – Queens Of The Stone Age

The best trip that I’ve ever had Higher than a jet plane, pass it around My drinks on empty, need another round [chorus:] I wanna fly, wanna ride with you Is this the best that you can do? I wanna fly, wanna ride with you Higher than a jet plane with you Will we arrive […]