Breakdown – Queensryche

Holding out as secrets travel, they kind of get to you. Everybody says that it could’ve been something. Never was […]

Saved – Queensryche

Barely alive, without you. Feeling no pain, i’m not the same without you. Save me! save me! Watching you watching […]

Inside – Queensryche

What you think, the things you read and what you see. What you hear and how you choose Your buy […]

One Life – Queensryche

One thought, one dream. one world, one meaning. A man that’s lost everything holds his faith in his heart. Speaks […]

You – Queensryche

No one over the line gets out alive. Pieces of insincerity Are like the stuff upon which we feed. Do […]

Promised Land – Queensryche

Watching the sand fall, listening for the knock upon my door, and waiting… for Promised Land. Standing neck deep in […]

I Am I – Queensryche

Beating with life you promised life, security, happiness, Unfortunate son cornered, cowering in the pit of circling panes of glass […]

Resistance – Queensryche

Protests in New York. Listen to the call of the wild. Brother, sisters carrying signs. Breathe deep before it’s too […]

En Force – Queensryche

Light tracers follow me farther Into the depths of unknown The blackness surrounding the border of hope We’re alone We […]

No Sanctuary – Queensryche

Lyrics by: Geoff Tate There’s a certain feeling Known to all who hear the sound The call of morning rising […]

The Whisper – Queensryche

Eyes watched the violence, the absence of those who have seen, marks the faith of the spell. Cold is the […]

Nm 156 – Queensryche

Lyrics by: Geoff Tate Uniform printout reads end of line Protect code intact leaves little time Erratic surveys, free thinking […]

The Thin Line – Queensryche

Another hungry look in her eyes again. Pacing the floor, the hunt begins. Skin-tight leather provides my pleasure. Wake my […]

Empire – Queensryche

Last night the word came down, ten dead in Chinatown. Innocent, their only crime was being in the wrong place […]

Speak – Queensryche

I don’t really know the game yet I’m bent on submission Religion is to blame I’m the new messiah Death […]