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Daddy’s Girl – Quorthon

So much is new and life’s full of wrong and right Homework is done life has just begun Hello world here’s daddy’s girl Waking up early morning living in her own place Taking a shower staring in the mirror at a tired face Something for breakfast doing her face Feeding her pet just like every […]

Fade Away – Quorthon

I numb myself to death yet I’m awake I’m running out of alcohol I shouldn’t feel a thing yet all I feel is hate I realise as the night goes by this is not the first time This maddening pain keeps me awake I need to fade away all I feel is hate I wish […]

One Of Those Days – Quorthon

The sun’s already high Can not recall just what I was dreamin’ But I’m sure I can catch the reprise somehow Piles of dirty socks just everywhere I don’t feel like washing up today Somehow I really just don’t care I think I’ll stay in bed all day This is one of those days when […]