Performer QUORTHON

Outta Space – Quorthon

I toss my body and scratch my f*ckin’ mind I bend and duck but I bounce ‘gainst things all time […]

I Want Out – Quorthon

All I can feel is I don’t wanna be around My head just squeals I can not cope With all […]

All In All I Know – Quorthon

I’ve burned my fingers bad before I’ve seen myself through worse I’m sure But just the same I’m really not […]

Hump For Fun – Quorthon

But you know we’re not the bread & butter Anymore these days everything’s changed there’s no use in arrangin’ Some […]

Television – Quorthon

You’re served commercials day-time fakes and tv-priests You keep your VCR running almost constantly Afraid to miss out on something […]

It’s Ok – Quorthon

I believe and strongly feel some things just aren’t meant to be All the time in our lives something somewhere […]

Fade Away – Quorthon

I numb myself to death yet I’m awake I’m running out of alcohol I shouldn’t feel a thing yet all […]