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Make It All Okay – R. E. M

Didn’t you, now? Didn’t you? You made your ultimatum too big to ignore Didn’t you, now? Didn’t you? So you […]

Pop Song 89 – R. E. M

Hello, I saw you, I know you, I knew you I think I can remember your name, name Hello, I’m […]

King Of The Road – R. E. M

(Trailers for sale Trailers for sale Trailers for sale) I ain’t got no cigarettes It takes four hours of pushin’ […]

Second Guessing – R. E. M

Why’re you trying to second guess me? I am tired of second guessing What will be your look this season? […]

Voice Of Harold – R. E. M

Reverend Bill Funderburk sings “;He Cared That Much For Me”; Charles Surratt introduces his own composition “;On Calvary For Me”; […]

Crazy – R. E. M

You’re funny and you don’t know why You’re funny and you can’t even cry You’re funny and you don’t know […]

Be Mine – R. E. M

(“;A speed zone up here too”;) I never thought of this as funny It speaks another world to me I […]

Texarkana – R. E. M

20,000 miles to an oasis 20,000 years will I burn 20,000 chances I wasted Waiting for the moment to turn […]

Hollow Man – R. E. M

Echoes fall on me I took the priceless night for complicated mess Persuading things I didn’t mean and don’t believe […]

Stumble – R. E. M

(chorus)We’ll stumble through the yard We’ll stumble through the yard We’ll stumble through the A-P-T We’ll stumble through the yard […]

Hyena – R. E. M

Night time fell at the opening, In the final act of the beginning of time Hyena take your role, the […]

Get Up – R. E. M

Sleep delays my life (get up, get up) Where does time go? (get up, get up, get up) I don’t […]

Ignoreland – R. E. M

These bastards stole their power from the victims of the Us v. Them years, Wrecking all things virtuous and true […]

Perfect Circle – R. E. M

Eleven gallows on your sleeve Shallow figure, winner’s paid Eleven shadows way out of Standing too soon, shoulders high in […]

Bandwagon – R. E. M

Come on aboard, I promise you you won’t hurt the horse We treat him well, we feed him well There’s […]

Man On The Moon – R. E. M

Mott the Hoople and the Game of Life. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Andy Kaufman in the wrestling match. Yeah, yeah, […]

Romance – R. E. M

Nations call Par-parallels Neighbors call All in all, in all, in all, in all (chorus 1) That’s worth saving up […]

Electrolite – R. E. M

Your eyes are burning holes through me I’m gasoline I’m burnin’ clean Twentieth century go and sleep You’re Pleistocene That […]

Beat A Drum – R. E. M

the back of my eye. I knocked my head against the sky. the dragonflies are busy buzzing me. a seahorse […]

Beat A Drum – R. E. M

the back of my eye. I knocked my head against the sky. the dragonflies are busy buzzing me. a seahorse […]

Belong – R. E. M

Her world collapsed early Sunday morning She got up from the kitchen table Folded the newspaper and silenced the radio […]

The Apologist – R. E. M

They call me the apologist And now that I’m at peak You know at first it really hurt We joke […]

Camera – R. E. M

(chorus 1)From the inside room when the front room greeting Becomes your special book, it was simple then When the […]

Harborcoat – R. E. M

They crowded up to Lenin with their noses worn off A handshake is worthy if it’s all that you’ve got […]

She Just Wants To Be – R. E. M

her world got smaller. All the usual places, the same destinations, only something’s changed. It’s not that she wasn’t rewarded […]

Suspicion – R. E. M

Now my suspicion’s on the rise I have known, I have known your kind Please don’t talk, don’t make me […]

Driver 8 – R. E. M

The walls are built up, stone by stone, The fields divided one by one And the train conductor says “;Take […]

Toys In The Attic – R. E. M

Light voices scream, nothing seems real’s a dream Leaving the things that you learned behind Leaving the things that you […]

You – R. E. M

Let the sun beat through the clouds, Let me kiss you on the mouth All my childhood toys with chew […]

Leave – R. E. M

Nothing could be bring me near Where is the road I follow? to leave, leave It’s under, under, under my […]

Swan Swan H – R. E. M

Swan, swan, hummingbird Hurrah, we are all free now What noisy cats are we Girl and dog he bore his […]

Little America – R. E. M

I can’t see myself at thirty, I don’t buy a lacquered thirty Caught like flies, preserved for tomorrow’s jewelery, again […]

Exhuming McCarthy – R. E. M

You’re beautiful more beautiful than me You’re honorable more honorable than me Loyal to the Bank of America (chorus 1) […]

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