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Drive – R. E. M

Smack, crack, bushwhacked Tie another one to the racks, baby (chorus 1) Hey kids, rock and roll Nobody tells you where to go, baby What if I ride? What if you walk? What if you rock around the clock? Tick-tock, tick-tock What if you did? What if you walk? What if you tried to get […]

Green Grow The Rushes – R. E. M

The wheelbarrow’s fallen Look at my hands They’ve found some surplus, cheaper hands Rubbing palms and pick and choose, Who will they choose? Here is the news Look at that building, look at this man Haloed and whitewashed Gone to find a cheaper hand He’ll offer a pound, offer a pound (chorus) Green grow the […]

Bang And Blame – R. E. M

If you could see yourself now, baby It’s not my fault You used to be so in control You’re going to roll right over this one Just roll me over, let me go You’re laying blame Take this as no, no, no You bang, bang, bang, bang and bang, Blame, blame, blame You bang, bang, […]

Low – R. E. M

Dusk is dawn is day Where did it go? I’ve been laughing Fast and slow Moving in a still frame Howling at the moon Morning found me laughing Up and down, down Low, low, low Night suits me fine And morning suits me fine I’ve been so happy, happy Way up high, high In between […]

I Believe – R. E. M

When I was young and full of grace And spirited – a rattlesnake When I was young and fever fell My spirit, I will not tell You’re on your honor not to tell I believe in coyotes and time as an abstract Explain the change, the difference between What you want and what you need, […]

Mr Richards – R. E. M

Is a messenger pigeon Left behind you when the camp moved on. We thought that you would listen But the words had never crystallized Into a truth that you might own, hey hey. Mr. Richards, your decision. Pay attention, pay attention. Mr. Richards, you’re forgiven For a narrow lack of vision But the fires are […]

Radio Free Europe – R. E. M

Beside yourself if radio’s gonna stay Reason: it could polish up the grey Put that, put that, put that up your wall That this isn’t country at all Raving station, beside yourself Keep me out of country in the word Deal the porch is leading us absurd Push that, push that, push that to the […]

Catapult – R. E. M

We were little boys We were little girls It’s nine o’clock, don’t try to turn it off Cowered in a hole, opie mouth. Question: Did we miss anything? did we miss anything? Did we miss anything? did we miss anything? Catapult (catapult), catapult, catapult (catapult), catapult (chorus) We were little boys We were little girls […]

I’ll Take The Rain – R. E. M

the rain came down the rain came down on me. the wind blew strong the summer song fades to memory I knew you when I loved you then the summer’s young and helpless. you laid me bare you marked me there the promises we made. I used to think as birds take wing they sing […]

Losing My Religion – R. E. M

Life is bigger It’s bigger than you And you are not me The lengths that I will go to The distance in your eyes Oh no, I’ve said too much I set it up (chorus) That’s me in the corner That’s me in the spotlight Losing my religion Trying to keep up with you And […]

Around The Sun – R. E. M

I want the truth to set me free I wish the followers would lead with a voice so strong it could knock me to my knees Hold on world ’cause you don’t know what’s coming Hold on world ’cause I’m not jumping off Hold onto this boy a little longer Take another trip around the […]

King Of Comedy – R. E. M

Make your money with a suit and tie Make your money with shrewd denial Make your money expert advice, If you can wing it Make your money with a power ply Make your money with a buyout bribe Make it lie as long as you mean it I’m not king of comedy, Grease the pig, […]

Burning Down – R. E. M

From the back of my neck, oh, oh, oh Wired a glass jaw, oh, oh Plantation burning your boat is coming in Strum your jew’s-harp, you’re reeking gin (chorus) Running water in a sinking boat Going under but they’ve got your goat Burning down – my hands are tied my feet are bound Burning down […]

Find The River – R. E. M

Hey now, little speedyhead, The read on the speedmeter says You have to go to task in the city Where people drown and people serve Don’t be shy. Your just deserve Is only just light years to go Me, my thoughts are flower strewn Ocean storm, bayberry moon I have got to leave to find […]

King Of Birds – R. E. M

A thumbnail sketch, a jeweler’s stone A mean idea to call my own Old man don’t lay so still you’re not yet young There’s time to teach, point to point, Point observation, children carry reservations Standing on the shoulders of giants, leaves me cold, leaves me cold A mean idea to call my own, a […]

Fall On Me – R. E. M

There’s a problem, feathers iron Bargain buildings, weights and pullies Feathers hit the ground before the weight can leave the air Buy the sky and sell the sky and tell the sky and tell the sky (chorus) Fall on me (what is it up in the air for) (it’s gonna fall) Fall on me (if […]

Accelerate – R. E. M

No time to argue with belief I’m not alone, a thousand others dropping Faster than me What put me here? Nothing to hold on to Nowhere to brake Where is the ripcord, the trapdoor, the key? Where is the cartoon escape-hatch for me? No time to question the choices I make I’ve got to follow […]

Finest Worksong – R. E. M

The time to rise has been engaged You’re better best to rearrange I’m talking here to me alone I listen to the finest worksong Your finest hour Your finest hour Another chance has been engaged To throw Thoreau and rearrange You are following this time I beg you not beg to rhyme (blow your horn) […]

Animal – R. E. M

Tell me how to feel? I know where we boomeranged and fell from grace. Point me to the stars I’m up for the chase. I know where we fell on our face. Jump with me. You jump with me. HEY, WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL- I’M AN ANIMAL. I’M AN ANIMAL. I’M AN ANIMAL. I don’t […]

Maps And Legends – R. E. M

He’s not to be reached, he’s to be reached He’s not to be reached, he’s to be reached Called the fool and the company, On his own where he’d rather be Where he ought to be, he sees what you can’t see, can’t you see that? (chorus) Maybe he’s caught in the legend, Maybe he’s […]

West Of The Fields – R. E. M

Long gone, intuition to assume are gone when we try Dream of a living jungle in my way back home when we die (chorus) West of the fields, west of the fields, west of the fields, west of the fields Long gone, long gone, long gone, long gone. West of the fields Dreams of Elysian, […]

Horse To Water – R. E. M

I might have kept my mouth shut I should have held my own, You lead a horse to water and you watch him drown. You’re only as big as your battles. Rattle my cage with your shadow. I’m a phantom-weight with a mouth full of feathers, Don’t you know that what comes around goes around? […]

High Speed Train – R. E. M

Your drop like an anchor eyes. I scudded and clipped the sky Just shy of making it. And you almost got away. I told you I was afraid. Did I really want to try You’re holding me to my claim I jump on a high speed train I’ll never look back again I flail like […]

Walk Unafraid – R. E. M

As the sun comes up, as the moon goes down These heavy notions creep around It makes me think Long ago I was broght into this life, a liitle lamb A little lamb Courageous, stumbling Fearless was my middle name But somewhere there I Lost my way Everyone walks the same Expecting me to step […]

There She Goes Again – R. E. M

(chorus 1)There she goes again (there she goes) She’s out on the street again (there she goes) She’s down on her knees my friend (there she goes) Won’t have to ask her please again (there she goes) (chorus 2) Look a little closer there’s no tears in her eyes You know she won’t make it […]

So Fast, So Numb – R. E. M

You’re movin’ through rough waters motel boy, And swimming in your sleep How could I be so blind, mis-sighted, Not to see there’s something wounded deep? Anyone could scratch your surface now, It’s all amphetamine You’re blasting yourself into the present Learn some vast indignity, say that, You say that you hate it, You want […]

Sweetness Follows – R. E. M

Readying to bury your father and your mother, What did you think when you lost another? I used to wonder why did you bother, Distanced from one, blind to the other? Listen here, my sister and my brother What would you care if you lost the other? I always wonder why did we bother, Distanced […]

The Great Beyond – R. E. M

All the sights that I have seen I can´t believe that I believed I wished That you could see There´s a new planet in the solar system There is nothing up my sleeve I´m pushing an elephant up the stairs I´m tossing up punch lines that were never there Over my shoulder a piano falls […]

You’re In The Air – R. E. M

You wanted a challenge that’s calling you higher I landed on my feet by crawling I remember standing alone trying to forget you idling I hate to admit that that’s my reference point But there it is you say you want me I’m what you found, I’m upside down You’re in the air, you’re in […]

The Wrong Child – R. E. M

I’ve watched the children come and go A late long march into spring I sit and watch those children Jump in the tall grass Leap the sprinkler Walk in the ground Bicycle clothespin spokes The sound the smell of swingset hands I will try to sing a happy song I’ll try and make a happy […]

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