Performer R KELLY

Honey – R. Kelly

Uh, its the boy Jay-Z, and the boy R. Kel The best of both worlds, please believe it Brookland, Chi-Town, […]

Forever More – R. Kelly

Looking at all this land, Damn I use to be alonely man, Could never understand, Why I had no one […]

I Decided – R. Kelly

I decided I’ma treat you right I decided to be there for you Decided to be on my P’s and […]

R&B Thug – R. Kelly

Ahh, ahh, ahh Uhh, uhh, uhh, yeah, yeah, yeah Ooh, ooh, ooh Ahh, ahh, ahh Yeah, yeah, yeah Mmm, mmm, […]

We Ride – R. Kelly

Uh, huh, I remember when I back in the days when I ain’t got shit But now that I got […]

Dream Girl – R. Kelly

Incredible, unforgetable, your the worlds greatest by far. Sensational, so lovable, my cinderella you are. So beautiful, ghetto fabulous, the […]

The Return (Remix) – R. Kelly

[Intro: Tone (Doug E. Fresh)] Yo, this Tone the referee, knawhatimean? And I’m about to bring y’all some history We […]

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