Performer R KELLY

Forever – R. Kelly

Hey beloved we are here, to joy each other hand and hand, no more playing house no, cause I want […]

Pretty Girls – R. Kelly

Now would be a good time to start bobbin your heads Kels, and it, and it, uhh [R. Kelly] Excuse […]

Slow Wind – R. Kelly

Girl, I want to be alone with you Just to see what you can do Ow, you’re dancin’ all over […]

V. I. P. – R. Kelly

Come on, come on, come on ChillinЎЇ at the club Showing niggas how we ball Ever since the drought ItЎЇs […]

Sex Weed – R. Kelly

Smoke it up, smoke it up Exhale, exhale Now let’s sex to the cut [Chorus] Girl you got that sex […]

Dollar Bill – R. Kelly

Unstop-able, Trackmasters, Rockland, come on [Foxy] Na-na so sick, make your toes twitch Get up in yo’ ass and ride […]

Shake Ya Body – R. Kelly

[R] Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh [Chorus: R. Kelly + (Lil’ Kim)] Uh-huh (shake ya body body, move ya body body) […]

Rise Up – R. Kelly

Friends with, and had our classes with. I just really feel that we are going to be known as The […]

Leave Your Name – R. Kelly

(Verse 1) You have reached R. Kelly Unfortunately, I’m sleep Been out partying all night And I’m blasted off that […]

World’s Greatest – R. Kelly

Yeah, uh, uh Yeah It’s the world’s greatest It’s the world’s greatest C’mon, yeah The world’s greatest I am a […]

2nd Kelly – R. Kelly

Let me handle my business I just wanna take over the show for a minute Not the whole show, just […]

Down Low – R. Kelly

Yet you’re tellin’ me that everything is cool Tryin’ to convince me baby to do as you say Just go […]

Heart of A Woman – R. Kelly

mean simply because ya’ll go through so much and we want ya’ll to know that we recognize that… There are […]

Peace – R. Kelly

(Peace) oh my (Peace) (Peace) all around the world (Peace) it’s what I prayer for (Peace) oh my (Peace) (Peace) […]

Spirit – R. Kelly

I can hear my call No more hesitation, mmm This time I’m goin’ for it all ‘Cause I know where […]

The Champ – R. Kelly

Hey Ladies And Gentleman The Champ Is Here The Champ Is Here The Champ Is Here Get Your Mutha Fuckin […]

Best Friend – R. Kelly

[R Kelly] What up charles, hey baby [Keysha Cole] Hey Baby [R Kelly] Girl i been missin you like crazy […]

If – R. Kelly

Ooh hoo if… yeah… Ooh… aww baby… yeah… listen If I were a painter baby, I’d paint a picture of […]

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