Performer RAGE

Sent By The Devil – Rage

Spirits coming from the mind Waking up my deepest horrors Capture my thoughts, make me blind Wired, ’cause I don’t […]

All I Want – Rage

What is the scare, so there’s no way to go What do I fear to cross my way It’s gonna […]

Visions – Rage

Headed away and took off in the sky, the air was as bright as my mind. And everything on the […]

Lord Of The Flies – Rage

Lyrics: Peavy Wagner This world’s following to the dark lord of the flies So lost, set in this world, this […]

Deep In The Night – Rage

That’s what she’s all… she’s got Eyes like a knife And she makes you want to fly When she takes […]

Vanished In Haze – Rage

Today I don’t want to stay. What I say, what you say Is not getting through to me. It vanished […]

Innocent – Rage

She saw her fate when she was dreaming Why? Such a young girl did no crime And then his bony […]

Under Control – Rage

Like a kiss of evil it took hold on me. Creeping paranoia, it will get me day by day. Like […]

One More Time – Rage

Make your choice I hope you sleep well Why can’t you see It’s only a few that make profit here […]

No Regrets – Rage

Feel no regrets.” “I wanna know where do we go Where do you take me now There is no choice, […]

Until I Die – Rage

I awoke, I could not stay for more, I tried to tell the others what I’d seen before. No one […]

Shadow Out Of Time – Rage

Something’s happened to myself, I could never give the answer though I did my best to find it out. If […]

Flesh And Blood – Rage

You turned away but from inside you are here Still you didn’t give me what I need the most I […]

War Of Worlds – Rage

Assassins with blessings from their gods No mercy, they try to set this world on fire They think that they […]

Black In Mind – Rage

No Illusions at the turning of the century All our wishes – forever free – All destroyed because somehow we […]

Carved In Stone – Rage

Lyrics: Peavy Wagner I see the young boys, they’re standing so proud In their brand new uniform I hear their […]

Mistery Trip – Rage

[Music & Lyrics: Peavy Wagner] Once again I fell sleep Drowned in a deadlike state, far too deep There she […]

Start! – Rage

Think back to when you were younger, remember when life had no scars. You were at home in your own […]

End Of All Days – Rage

Thinking on my yesterdays, I have failed in many ways, but I won’t complain, ’cause I had my share when […]

Living My Dream – Rage

Another lousy drink There has got to be a better way They can’t pull my chain I’m the one to […]

Fear – Rage

This haunted creature, me. What’s this thing there in my back, So strong but not to see. Why is it […]

Drop Dead – Rage

Lyrics: Peavy Wagner Sometimes I’m pretending about being something else ‘Cause I cannot stand it anymore Misanthrophy might not work […]

Wash My Sins Away – Rage

The agony is written in your eyes. This is how you’ve always felt, You see it through the haze. Remember […]

Soundchaser – Rage

[Lyrics: Peavy Wagner] “I have heared your voice Now I have no choice You must face your fatal end” What […]

No Lies – Rage

With all the dues that you don’t want to pay Between polarities of good and evil You make decisions, trying […]

Enough Is Enough – Rage

And we own the biggest missiles We give millions of support for technology But still we can’t even live in […]

Seven Deadly Sins – Rage

Who’s right and who is wrong In their eyes we’ve all failed in life Old men in silk and diamonds […]

Long Hard Road – Rage

Lyrics: Peavy Wagner You better pack your things to go ‘Cause when it’s time you never know You better be […]

Dies Irae – Rage

Dies irae venit Poena dei venit Amen, amen Poena dei venit Time is late, heading into our fate Nothing to […]

Down – Rage

Don’t tell me lies You know exactly what you’ve done You went beyond the limit Don’t close your eyes The […]

Fortress – Rage

The wall inside, he built to defend himself. He needs to hide, to keep independency. The race is on, it […]

Sister Demon – Rage

It was like a mirror in a pair of distant eyes A scary view promised everything I knew It connects […]

Solitary Man – Rage

I can see no way to get it clear Under you I feel misunderstood In this respectable neighbourhood Hey, don’t […]

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