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Set This World On Fire – Rage

All money, all power, all godlike And everything you rely on Hey, you think you are safe this way But now I’m going to change the rules You gave it all in my hands Your days, they will be counted soon What goes around that will come around You will have to take what’s to […]

Mistery Trip – Rage

[Music & Lyrics: Peavy Wagner] Once again I fell sleep Drowned in a deadlike state, far too deep There she came, in my dreams Showed me places I never had seen But I don’t remember anything It’s just that I’ve seen everything And I want to have it one more time, what can I do […]

Prayers Of Steel – Rage

And forge me in a crow Let me pry young virgin souls Make them all kotow Lay me on an anvil, Satan And forge me in a spike Beat me in the chasted hearts Be the evil strike Let me be your weapon, Satan Fight for darkness tough Let me war with all your force […]

Suite Lingua Mortis – Innocent – Rage

Lyrics: Peavy Wagner She woke up, all in sweat and screaming She saw her fate when she was dreaming Why? Such a young girl did no crime And then his bony hand came reaching “Young girl, I’ll be your guide, we’re leaving Now, it’s the end of all your time.” Save me! And in her […]

Start! – Rage

Think back to when you were younger, remember when life had no scars. You were at home in your own mind, responsive to your inner call. I’m waiting you’ll come back, I’m waiting for your return. Don’t waste your time any longer. Start a new story, start a new glory. Don’t waste your time any […]

End Of All Days – Rage

Thinking on my yesterdays, I have failed in many ways, but I won’t complain, ’cause I had my share when luck passed by. Then you came into my life and became my biggest pride. I thought the cards had turned for me, oh, if I knew. And then, when this fatal moment came to be […]

Living My Dream – Rage

Another lousy drink There has got to be a better way They can’t pull my chain I’m the one to blame It’s for sure there always gonna pay Finder’s keepers, losers, weepers, haters, lovers… a world away I’m always alone in my dreamland I’ll show them I’m living my dream ’till the end That’s right […]

Spiritual Awakening – Rage

Forgive me, father. For I was running blind. Time to prove the evolution First to feel it, last to get. Spiritual Awakening Rushing through these years of madness, Next time leave no opinions out. Spiritual Awakening Tell me, answer, in synchronicity. Intuition, open doors for me. Time to push the evolution First to feel it, […]

Fear – Rage

This haunted creature, me. What’s this thing there in my back, So strong but not to see. Why is it that we’re drowning in pain? There’s nothing evil here to stay But fear in ourselves. There’s not a chance to find our way With fear in ourselves. We’re possessed to take control, To rule our […]

Drop Dead – Rage

Lyrics: Peavy Wagner Sometimes I’m pretending about being something else ‘Cause I cannot stand it anymore Misanthrophy might not work but I can’t help myself Human kind is rotten to the core Evolution’s dead, go back to hell Demolition man, we’re all to blame Root it out – drop dead This could be a better […]

Wash My Sins Away – Rage

The agony is written in your eyes. This is how you’ve always felt, You see it through the haze. Remember how you’ve locked it up in lies. They’re coming back from far away, They’re coming back, they cannot stay. So I will pray to purify my mind. Wash my sins away, Take my sorrow and […]

Soundchaser – Rage

[Lyrics: Peavy Wagner] “I have heared your voice Now I have no choice You must face your fatal end” What is this? I can’t believe my eyes Is it trying to hunt, it’s bringing me down, bringing me down Why did I come to this hellish vault I have heared, they warned It’s chasing, raging, […]

Days Of December – Rage

The chill of the wind has frozen all the pain. I know in my room it’s dry and warm. but I cannot stand to scan the walls in vain. White and wonderful the snow covers my hair. I reach out but you’re not there. In the days of December I’m lonely ever since you’re gone. […]

No Lies – Rage

With all the dues that you don’t want to pay Between polarities of good and evil You make decisions, trying to find your way I’m coming back to you Don’t worry – I’ll be coming over you Don’t you play this game of treason It will all come back to you So you better tell […]

Enough Is Enough – Rage

And we own the biggest missiles We give millions of support for technology But still we can’t even live in peace with our neighbour Most of us are insane of neuroses Enough is enough – you can control Enough is enough – those who don’t know Faster – this world is heading straight into a […]

Seven Deadly Sins – Rage

Who’s right and who is wrong In their eyes we’ve all failed in life Old men in silk and diamonds Decide who’s right to kill A soldier with god; not so his wife It’s just another way to multiply their power They need a reason to survive Seven deadly sins Just give them fear of […]

Long Hard Road – Rage

Lyrics: Peavy Wagner You better pack your things to go ‘Cause when it’s time you never know You better be aware that nothing’s gonna last for long So long Nobody else can help you out, it’s up to you It won’t be easy, don’t allow the swamp to swallow you What once was right can […]

You Want It, You’ll Get It – Rage

How come they always know the time to choose And can you make a difference in how your life evolves If you knew what it is then You’d never be the one to lose The intuition to be sure If something’s wasted time or purely what you need To succeed You want to understand it, […]

Dies Irae – Rage

Dies irae venit Poena dei venit Amen, amen Poena dei venit Time is late, heading into our fate Nothing to change in the moment before our awakening Hypnotised, nearly like paralysed Just like the rabbit that stares in the eyes of the snake No more tears will help the dying No more sighing, nothing to […]

Leave It All Behind – Rage

Was the only thing I had in mind Now you’ve sent the angels back I need them here on earth ‘Cause eternity can be a long, long time Don’t turn your back on me, don’t take away my choice ‘Cause reality is lying to my mind, so now I want to leave it all behind […]

Down – Rage

Don’t tell me lies You know exactly what you’ve done You went beyond the limit Don’t close your eyes The consequences might not be so nice Life’s a cycle, driving all the world And I will be around See you going down (down) I am a real survivor I’ll see you going down See your […]

In A Nameless Time – Rage

1. The mysterium Awakening this curse was the least of all my fears. If I could turn back time to free me from this crime. It started back in time when something stole my mind and led me through aeons to place and time unknown. I lived their life, lost in their time, without my […]

Fortress – Rage

The wall inside, he built to defend himself. He needs to hide, to keep independency. The race is on, it can’t be won. A fortress in you head one step among the dead. Security for fear, a fortress, caging in for what you’re here. The pain inside, disappoinments everyday. To keep his pride he can’t […]

Sister Demon – Rage

It was like a mirror in a pair of distant eyes A scary view promised everything I knew It connects the last four centuries with my life Paranoia… Sister Demon on my mind Sister Demon on my mind She’s a vampire… Sister Demon on my mind Sister Demon on my mind She has paralysed me, […]

Don’t Fear The Winter – Rage

Life’s running shorter day by day Winter – has gripped the land in cold caress He’s all alone and deeply depressed, she’s dead Don’t you fear the winter, I will keep you safe And warm Don’t you fear the winter, nothing’s gonna Do you harm Midnight – and on the graveyard a storm is raging […]

Solitary Man – Rage

I can see no way to get it clear Under you I feel misunderstood In this respectable neighbourhood Hey, don’t look for me no more ‘Cause I won’t be coming home I’m just a solitary man I’m gonna leave you now alone Well, I’m a solitary man I feel so strange here, do you know? […]

Invisible Horizons – Rage

We got the future in our veins But still a long way to go All we know has lost its size If you’re looking down from space Your problems are unreal at one blow Does it make a sense at last To learn the mistakes of the past Infect with an old disease And today […]

Suite Lingua Mortis – No Regrets – Rage

Lyrics: Peavy Wagner “Feel no regrets, ’cause I am death Feel no regrets.” “I wanna know where do we go Where do you take me now There is no choice, my inner voice Tells not to fear somehow It’s hard for me to let it be I cannot understand I’m still so young, I don’t […]

Insanity – Rage

He killed his family Just couldn’t see a future Like he was told to be And as the great provider Stopped his source to survive He found he served the wrong gods A credit or his life And then we read the news from all around the world ‘Bout all this tragedies we cannot understand […]

Refuge – Rage

I don’t want to let you break into my world All my life I’ve been looking for something That’s my own, I’m so glad I found it now Don’t you step on this ground I don’t want to lose an inch of my freedom I’ll lose my soul if you steal my refuge Leave my […]