Performer RAGE

Chase – Rage

Murder, you’ve murdered my love Senseless you wasted her life Power I need for revenge My pain you can’t comprehend […]

French Bourree – Rage

[Music: J. S. Bach] [Arranged by: Victor Smolski] [Lyrics: Peavy Wagner] I wanna go, long time ago It was the […]

Fading Hours – Rage

Who tells sader stories? Tears in broken eyes telling ’bout the worries, search for cure from whys. A something to […]

My Rage – Rage

I’ve been sitting, wondering. Where am I to go? I spend time on too many things, turn my tides too […]

Soul Survivor – Rage

So many screaming faces Telling me tales I’ve heared before I wanna tear down their masks of fake And all […]

One Step Ahead – Rage

Lyrics: Peavy Wagner I know, some will hate my guts ‘Cause I’m telling the truth They’ll deny me ’cause I […]

Straight To Hell – Rage

I know you and get you anyway See me walking by your side I’m with you forever day and night […]

Gentle Murders – Rage

Lyrics: Peavy Wagner Dirty is the road to fame Plastered with unlucky victims Deadly if you get the blame focused […]

Full Moon – Rage

The sun is going down on a blood red sky And I feel it coming from real deep inside Now […]

World Of Pain – Rage

Life was young and everything was bound to grow Yes, we’ve made it, we were fruitful and explored But now […]

A Spider’s Web – Rage

This world’s so materialistic, our life just makes sense when we buy. You’re just a part of the statistics when […]

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