Rain – Total

It’s gonna rain, oh yeah,
Come on in for the night.
It’s gonna rain, oh yeah,
Come on in and hold me tight.

Verse One:
I’m so sorry baby, you know that I want you baby,
I hurt you once again, but open up and let me in.
I’m soaking wet darling, I know you here me calling,
Ooh, I really wanna make sweet love to you.

Repeat Chorus

Verse Two:
It’s time to love me, sugar, cause I really wanna do you,
Can I dry you off, rub you down, boy you got me in the mood.
Fire is burning, sugar, body is yearning for you,
Boy the time is here and now when I’m with you

Repeat Chorus

Baby stay with me,
All night long it will be,
Stay with me, stay with me.
Shower down on me,
Baby your love makes me free.

Repeat Chorus to fade

You don’t need to stay outside in the rain,
Ain’t no ifs or maybes,

Lyric Rain – Total