Performer RAKIM

Flow Forever – Rakim

Aiyyo.. what’s goin on? The Mic Lebanon Teflon Don.. I’m back baby The year of the 9’s and I’ma have […]

Stay Awhile – Rakim

What you wanna say to make me stay awhile What you wanna say to make me wanna stay (repeat 2X) […]

I Know – Rakim

Aye yo, who’s the most explosive one yet? The a roundest one left Who flows express to them rhythm drum […]

When I Be On The Mic – Rakim

(Hardcore…real ill niggas) (I’m internationally known) (When I be on the mic) (Hardcore…real ill niggas) (I’m internationally known, yo) (Hardcore…real […]

Up Lift – Rakim

Levantore! Yeah, it’s just ghetto, kid test the devil to hit the next level Wish they was a rebel with […]

Paid In Full – Rakim

[Rakim]: Yo, I’m doing the knowledge, E., I’m trying to get paid in full [E]: Well, check this out, since […]

My Melody – Rakim

Turn up the bass, check out my melody, hand out a cigar I’m lettin knowledge be born, and my name’s […]

Strong Island – Rakim

One two.. Yeah.. uhh.. yeah.. “;Rough enough to break New York from Long Island”; -> My Melody Yeah it’s the […]

Real Shit – Rakim

It’s the paragraph ambassador The wild style fashioner It’s the god Rakim, the master Feel this (1st verse) This is […]

It’s A Must – Rakim

If I lay low and let the day go it’ll slow my payroll Aye-yo I’m a terrorize charge and slay […]

How I Get Down – Rakim

Before the dough came, my whole aim, was blow like propane Control the whole domain, and then show no shame […]

Lyrics Of Fury – Rakim

I’m rated “;R”;…this is a warning, ya better void, Poets are paranoid, DJ’s D-stroyed, Cuz I came back to attack […]

Mahogany – Rakim

Me and Eric B was coolin’ at the Paladium Seen a all-world covered girl, I said “;Hey lady I’m Sorry […]

The Saga Begins – Rakim

*whistle* “;Ghetto Music”; –> KRS-One (here we go…) “;Yo”; –> Mobb Deep “;And my name is Rakim…”; –> The R […]

Move The Crowd – Rakim

Standing by the speaker, suddenly I had this Fever, was it me or either summer madness Cuz I just can’t […]

When I’m Flowin – Rakim

Chorus: Rakim (Yo) I find a show, rhyme til it’s time to go I’m designed to blow, my mind’s inclined […]

All Night Long – Rakim

(1st verse) I’m back! The god remains, still at the end They sabotage the game, still I’m a win Rakim […]

Microphone Fiend – Rakim

I melted microphone instead of cones of ice cream Music orientated so when hip-hop was originated Fitted like pieces of […]

Finest Ones – Rakim

Clarkworld baby Uh, uh (4x) It’s the R baby It’s the god baby (1st verse) I got rhymes I love […]

It’s The R – Rakim

Aye yo it’s Mr. Low-key you need to go see the host by far a mostly o. t., with a […]

It’s Been A Long Time – Rakim

“;It’s been a long time..”; “;It’s been a long time..”; “;It’s been a long time..”; “;It’s been a long time..”; […]

Show Me Love – Rakim

Promise you won’t do me wrong (for sure) If I turn you on (yeah) Promise you’ll stay all night long […]

In The Ghetto – Rakim

Born to be the soul controller of the universe Besides the part of the map I hit first Any a […]

Remember That – Rakim

Turn the beat up, I get lost in the mind come across the rhyme kick my feet up, then I […]