Rape The Shining Stars In The Sky – Astaroth

Deadness of thy souls, captured spirit
Wandering from orbits of deep purple darkness
Profounded blackness, extinguished gleam
Beloved anguish, my weirdest dream

For me they all shall suffer with you
in thy endless sky, in eternity
Thy stars shall die in my night
Then they will never send your holy light – anymore

Gloria in excelsis deo
Heaven is not longer yours
Creatures of the light shall die
Rape the shining stars in the sky

Black gloory, dead breath, lost in the depths of enlightment
Black glory, tribulation, exhaust to our sacrifice

Oppressed a lightened chasteness
heresy in the sky
Duke of the breed melt away
to profounded blackness – to sepulchral darkness

Lyric Rape The Shining Stars In The Sky – Astaroth