Rare And Precious Chain – Jethro Tull

Do I have to tell you, tell you once again?
Under red lights, on soft nights, it all comes back to you.
Rare and precious chain –
Binds me to your soul round gently pulsing veins.
Shackled tight, feel love’s bite coming back to you.

No gold of fools.
No hostage taking.
No engagement rules
To leave you forsaken.

Tiny beads of sweat –
Thin diamond glistening, glistening around your neck.
Forgotten rooms, black catacombs,
They all come back to you.

No crock of glittering prizes.
No sharply worded telegram.
No excuses of the word-weary.
No excuses for who I am.

Lyric Rare And Precious Chain – Jethro Tull