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Crazy – Ray J

You screamin RJ I dont know if they talkin bout Ray j or me Darkchild Verse 1 Baby you dont know about me Coz if you did you wouldnt be Acting Like you are too good for me When everybody knows my name An everybodys callin you, crazy Stop and think where you need to […]

Takin’ Control – Ray J

my car wit the windows down just think about you, I’m trippin. From the way I introduced myself, she knew that I was stakin wealth She wasn’t in it for the dollars she had doe herself I pulled up in my dirty ass Lexo, girl I’ve been workin hard so what you expect yo She […]

Changes – Ray J

If I ever give you all of me (if I ever) Just a piece of me that you can see Will you ever make a change for me? A change in you is a change for me, baby [Verse 1:] I said you ought to make a change Find a way to love yourself Open […]

Wait A Minute – Ray J

I been workin’ all day (and now it’s on), Pull up and don’t pay (when the line is long), Girls in the club (you wanna fuck), Ice grillin’ these thugs (I wanna thong), Is it ’cause my shine (major ice), I’m talkin’ about blind ya (like Vegas lights), Never on the scene (without my team), […]

Out Of Tha Ghetto – Ray J

(We can get out of tha ghetto) If you wonderin why bills are high But only seems to multiply (We can get out of tha ghetto) And what we can do and we wanna do Is somethin we need completely falls through (We can get out of tha ghetto) Time is strange, time for time […]

U Need It/U Don’t – Ray J

Good plan to be successful in the game U need it But liars, snakes and fake friends U don’t Banking safe, stash your money U need it 20 cars, 20 cribs, 20 kids U don’t Get the power while you can U nees it Concieted wannabe body guards U don’t Coz man I dun seen […]

Wet Me – Ray J

Time to know what you want You constantly seek me Climbing up and down on me Its time to pop your knees Lets hop in this plz Im thirsty as can be Your bodys got that juice You need to come wet me baby Verse 1 Everyday with me Come and play with me Hold […]

Let It Go – Ray J

Uh huh, yeah Come on y’all Don’t stop y’all Gotta make y’all rock, y’all Come on y’all Don’t stop y’all Stevie gotta make ya rock, y’all Every now and then it invades my mind Some have missed a place through the hard times From the 9 to 5 or just a world they see But […]