Performer RAY J

Formal Invite – Ray J

Yeah yeah, yeah yeah Neptunes, ahahaha Verse 1 We got dirty on the brand new maitresse I had you walkin […]

Everything You Want – Ray J

Better calm down around here Hey girl, whatever you want… I got Hey yeah (Everything) Everything you want from me […]

Keep Your Head Up – Ray J

Come here, whoa, lemme lift your spirits up, aight. I got something on my mind I wanna tell you. Girl, […]

Thank You – Ray J

[Ray J:] I could be alone I could be the poorest fool, who loved nobody It’s cuz of you I […]

I Got It All – Ray J

Chorus Lemme breathe Everything Ice he sees Diamond rings Whatever you want I got it all But I gotta let […]

Crazy – Ray J

You screamin RJ I dont know if they talkin bout Ray j or me Darkchild Verse 1 Baby you dont […]

Takin’ Control – Ray J

my car wit the windows down just think about you, I’m trippin. From the way I introduced myself, she knew […]

Changes – Ray J

If I ever give you all of me (if I ever) Just a piece of me that you can see […]

Wait A Minute – Ray J

I been workin’ all day (and now it’s on), Pull up and don’t pay (when the line is long), Girls […]

Wet Me – Ray J

Time to know what you want You constantly seek me Climbing up and down on me Its time to pop […]

Let It Go – Ray J

Uh huh, yeah Come on y’all Don’t stop y’all Gotta make y’all rock, y’all Come on y’all Don’t stop y’all […]