Performer RAZOR

Goof Soup – Razor

You had your say, it’s time to play my way You waste my time, I’ll speak ’cause it’s my dime […]

Edge Of The Razor – Razor

Whaaaaaaaaaa! The feel of the blade in my hand Violence! Violence! The power to kill any man Picking my victims […]

Instant Death – Razor

They told us it would never be And man kind’s race would live free Free of pain and free of […]

Red Money – Razor

I don’t think you realize the way things really are Play with fire, burn yourself, you let things go too […]

I Disagree – Razor

You know what my problem is ’cause you know everything You say that we play too fast, you say that […]

Violent Restitution – Razor

Backstabbing turncoat I caught you in the act Lowdown lying scumbag I’m gonna break your back You thought that you […]

Great White Lie – Razor

You think you’ll make it but you’re wasting your time You’d sell your sister just to have that last line […]

Taste The Floor – Razor

At the pool hall, hustling dough I’ll beat the pansies and then I’ll go Out to the bar to pick […]

Discipline – Razor

Take out your whip and give me the pleasure I crave Put on your leather and beat me until I […]

End Of The War – Razor

Soldier, I’ve given you orders, you’ve got to be ready to fight Freedom is what we’re defending, because it’s our […]

Free Lunch – Razor

You piss me off, you drive me nuts You drink my beer and you always smoke my butts You owe […]

Rebel Onslaught – Razor

We’ve built up our courage We won’t be discouraged to fight We struggle for power Our armies devour the night […]

Tortured Skull – Razor

Raging vultures approaching the clearing Forbidden from cultures and ground Striking to kill with power and glory It’s pain within […]

The Pugilist – Razor

You said I was mad, you said I’m insane You said It couldn’t be done You want me to lose, […]

Time Bomb – Razor

The Sons of Mayhem waiting Time to start the fire Volume overwhelming Can’t go any higher Like a thunderhead above […]

Gatecrasher – Razor

The power rips through the night Energy you just can’t fight No escape from the fire Tension mounts and takes […]

Legacy Of Doom – Razor

Dead of night in days of old Men were fierce but none so bold Called him crazy and insane But […]

Road Gunner – Razor

Rising power, feel the speed as I shift into high gear All alone, I own the road, I know your […]

Speed Merchants – Razor

Warriors of leather unchained to rule the night Ganglands join together to fight the metal fight Speed and fury now […]

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