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Jimi The Fly – Razor

Jimi the fly, he couldn’t decide, was crossing a deadly line Feelin’ the heat, the word on the street was a contract for his life He knew all along, if he sung the song, he’d scratch doing time Stepped up to bat, squealed like a rat, now he’s running for his life He thought it […]

Burning Bridges – Razor

Downtown Toronto a Saturday night I’m looking to party ’til dawn Just quit my job ’cause I can’t take that bullshit I never look back once I’m gone I fought for my freedom, I’m nobody’s slave I’m just gonna answer to me If that doesn’t suit you then outta my way ‘Cause a goof doesn’t […]

Bad Vibrations – Razor

Why does everyone I know oct stupid when they’re drunk? They talk too loud, slur their words, throw up on my rug They fall downstairs but they can’t feel the bruises they receive Pissing in my garbage can, can’t wait until they leave I never learn I threw the party, bought the booze, got whet […]

American Luck – Razor

Started out with nothing except the urge to play Just me and my big ego gonna make it big one day I never had the money. I didn’t have a car I had to bust my ass at work to save for my guitars Born a Canadian Didn’t come from the USA The odds are […]

Electric Torture – Razor

With brutal hatred, I take control The sound of devastation raw Don’t interrupt me, don’t irritate me Or I will break your fucking jaw I’m too impatient, I’m volatile I’m getting ready to Ignite I carry weapons, I’m always ready I never back out from a fight Knock down drag out Dealing out the decibels […]

Cross Me Fool – Razor

Born a bastard The baddest in the land Never done I take whatever I can Live the age Live it fast Crash course riot Kicked my teacher outta class Cross Me Fool, I’ll even up the score What you’ll get, revenge and a little more You know I’m bad, I’ve done it all before Stay […]

March Of Death – Razor

Cold and silent prophecy Brought about by fears Foretold to all the masses Forgotten through the years The end to all predictions Yes time is growing near The march of death approaches The fate of man is clear They run to find a hiding place To hide themselves from sheer disgrace The Gods have come […]

United By Hatred – Razor

Energy, you’re hit by the train A casualty of the social war Artillery, the weapons I sling Send you crashing and bleeding on the floor Arteries, implode under skin I’m filling all the weaklings full of lead Anarchy all the war mongers free United by our total hatred Try with all your might, we never […]

Shotgun Justice – Razor

You took it for granted, you thought I would leave Your friends were in the bar, you picked a fight You never expected that I was protected You never saw the danger in your sight In shock, your friends all around you See you lying in a pool of red It’s quiet, the bar becomes […]

Mental Torture – Razor

You wanna be cool, you wanna be tough You wanna be respected, be a man So you shaved off your face, cut off your hair Then they gave you a gun and a badge Now you’re the law, you do what you want And ‘We the people’ do what you say ‘Cause you are the […]

Enforcer – Razor

I’m outside every night I prowl around with hate Revenge is mine, I will kill Enforce your bloody fate I take my time, what’s the rush I’ve already won Waiting for the moment Damage will be done Lurking outside while you’re sleeping Certain death is slowly creeping This is real, you’re not dreaming No one […]

City Of Damnation – Razor

Deep within these ruins is a city full of life A growing force surpassing all the poverty and strife An underground militia taking orders from but one The right to choose who lives or dies ’til senseless victories won The deadly prowlers are active through the night To seek their vengeance on others who will […]

Open Hostility – Razor

Forget the bullshit, turn up the tunes, we don’t care for what’s wrong or right Don’t be a stooge ’cause we’re not in the mood and we’re ready to kick ass tonight Don’t be an ass, just raise up your glass, carving the only command Smashing the load until we explode and we don’t need […]