Performer RAZOR

Time Bomb – Razor

The Sons of Mayhem waiting Time to start the fire Volume overwhelming Can’t go any higher Like a thunderhead above […]

Gatecrasher – Razor

The power rips through the night Energy you just can’t fight No escape from the fire Tension mounts and takes […]

Legacy Of Doom – Razor

Dead of night in days of old Men were fierce but none so bold Called him crazy and insane But […]

Road Gunner – Razor

Rising power, feel the speed as I shift into high gear All alone, I own the road, I know your […]

Speed Merchants – Razor

Warriors of leather unchained to rule the night Ganglands join together to fight the metal fight Speed and fury now […]

Meaning Of Pain – Razor

I wake in fear, what I thought was a dream I thought it could’t be true That’s not my bed, […]

Fed Up – Razor

Hang your head in shame Don’t wanna hear your name Say sorry then you do it all again Your expression […]

A. O. D. – Razor

Corruption of the innocent, in battles of the past Revolves around an incident, in which the mold was cast A […]

Life Sentence – Razor

The smith and wesson tried to tell him “put me down” His mind was just as loaded, wired up for […]

Nine Dead – Razor

Puddles of bloodstains on the floor was all that they could find They knew he’s insane and he’d kill again […]

Out Of The Game – Razor

I should’ve kept my big mouth shut I should’ve known my place This always happens every time I’m leaving in […]

Stand Before Kings – Razor

Were in the slaughter drinking water Rulers drinking wine They stab the beast, a selfish feast Set glare the crystal […]

Miami – Razor

I remember years ago a place I loved to go Palm trees, sunshine beaches and never any snow Then bastards […]

Ball And Chain – Razor

She’s on fire with her nasty reputation I stood back just to view the situtation She set the trap and […]

Brass Knuckles – Razor

Pressure is building inside Strengthening desire to kill Tension rips through my veins increasing hardcore hatred my will Angered. I […]

Psychopath – Razor

I put my gloves on, I go outside I rev my engine and I’m ready to ride I’m hyperactive, I’m […]

Behind Bars – Razor

You never thought I’d do it, you never saw it coming But it happened and they caught you in the […]

Malicious Intent – Razor

Delusions of grandeur, rebels cast aside Volcanic reverberations, power won’t subside Substantial influxations, from sources not unknown Screams for blood […]

Cage The Ragers – Razor

Well I’m unchained, got the hiss of a rattlesnake Point the finger, then you incriminate A lawbreaker on an outbreak […]

Iron Hammer – Razor

You made the trip to catch the band We better do the best we can We’re glad you came to […]

Jimi The Fly – Razor

Jimi the fly, he couldn’t decide, was crossing a deadly line Feelin’ the heat, the word on the street was […]

Burning Bridges – Razor

Downtown Toronto a Saturday night I’m looking to party ’til dawn Just quit my job ’cause I can’t take that […]

Bad Vibrations – Razor

Why does everyone I know oct stupid when they’re drunk? They talk too loud, slur their words, throw up on […]

American Luck – Razor

Started out with nothing except the urge to play Just me and my big ego gonna make it big one […]

Electric Torture – Razor

With brutal hatred, I take control The sound of devastation raw Don’t interrupt me, don’t irritate me Or I will […]

Cross Me Fool – Razor

Born a bastard The baddest in the land Never done I take whatever I can Live the age Live it […]

March Of Death – Razor

Cold and silent prophecy Brought about by fears Foretold to all the masses Forgotten through the years The end to […]

United By Hatred – Razor

Energy, you’re hit by the train A casualty of the social war Artillery, the weapons I sling Send you crashing […]

Shotgun Justice – Razor

You took it for granted, you thought I would leave Your friends were in the bar, you picked a fight […]

Mental Torture – Razor

You wanna be cool, you wanna be tough You wanna be respected, be a man So you shaved off your […]

Enforcer – Razor

I’m outside every night I prowl around with hate Revenge is mine, I will kill Enforce your bloody fate I […]

City Of Damnation – Razor

Deep within these ruins is a city full of life A growing force surpassing all the poverty and strife An […]

Open Hostility – Razor

Forget the bullshit, turn up the tunes, we don’t care for what’s wrong or right Don’t be a stooge ’cause […]