You Are Always There For Me – Reba McEntire

This song is mary and i’s themesong! it epitomizes Our friendship through and through! I know sometimes i’m like a child I disappoint you so And how you keep forgiving me I’ll never never know When i stumble and i fall And need love desperately You are always there for me Chorus: Like an oak […]

Cathy’s Clown – Reba McEntire

Chorus: I want your loving more and more I want your kisses that’s for sure I die each time I hear the sound They’re saying here he comes He’s cathy’s clown You know you’ve got to stand tall You know a man can’t crawl And when you let her tell you lies And you let […]

What Am I Gonna Do About You – Reba McEntire

The kid down the street mowes the grass every week The neighbor next door fixed the roof where it leaked Job’s going fine and the bills are all paid And everyone thinks that i’m doing ok There’s a guy down at work He’s asked me out once or twice I haven’t said yes But i’m […]

I’ve Still Got The Love We Made – Reba McEntire

You know i can’t find the letters you wrote to me in school. And that shoebox full of photographs got lost in my last move. I gave away that old twin bed where you and i first laid. But after all this time, i’ve still got the love we made. And that old beat up […]

The Great Divide – Reba McEntire

Well i could swear This king size bed Keeps getting wider And i could swear A stranger’s laying by my side And i can swear a long dark valley lies between us And there ain’t no way to cross the great divide Chorus: The great divide Ain’t in colorado It’s the distance that we’ve somehow […]

Five Hundred Miles Away From Home – Reba McEntire

Tear drops fell on mama’s note When i read the things she wrote She said, we miss you girl We love you come on home Well i didn’t have to pack I had it all right on my back Now i’m five hundred miles away from home Chorus: Away from home, away from home Cold […]

Will He Ever Go Away – Reba McEntire

On a cool gray morning, i watched with my own eyes As he headed out the driveway and finally out of my life Oh i knew he’d soon be miles from my mind So why should tears start fallin’ after all this time Chorus: How can a memory last this long Will he ever go […]

If You See Him – Reba McEntire

If you see him, tell him i wish him well. how am i doing? well sometimes It’s hard to tell. i still miss him more than ever. but please don’t say a word. If you see him. if you see him. If you see her, tell her i’m doing fine. and if you want to, […]

I Like It That Way – Reba McEntire

I’ve got someone in my life Who loves me wrong or right And i like it that way He gives me room to breathe But he’s there for me And i like it that way I like it that way I like the way he says me name And how he’s not afraid To open […]

Jolene – Reba McEntire

Chorus: Jolene, jolene Jolene, jolene I’m beggin’ of you Please don’t take my man Jolene, jolene Jolene, jolene Please don’t take him Even though you can Your beauty is beyond compare With flaming locks of auburn hair With ivory skin And eyes of emerald green He talks about you in his sleep There’s nothing i […]

Am I The Only One Who Cares – Reba McEntire

Jamie turned 13 tonight But she didn’t blow out the birthday lights Jamie and her momma had another big fight She locked herself in her room She climbed up on her windowsill Sat and stared at the cars on the street And listened to her own heart beat And whispered to the moon Am i […]

I Want To Hear It From You – Reba McEntire

If all our love is through If you found someone new Then i want to hear it from you If there is no mistake And if my heart must break I want to hear it from you Just the thought of losing you Is more than i can stand But this hurt would be much […]

My Sister – Reba McEntire

I just called to tell you hi Call me when you get this Haven’t talked lately So hard to find the time Give the boys a big kiss Tell them that I miss them By the way I miss you too I was thinkin’ just today About how we used to play Barbie Dolls and […]

O Holy Night – Reba McEntire

The stars are brightly shining It is the night of the dear savior’s birth! Long lay the world in sin and error pining Till he appear’d and the soul felt its worth. A thrill of hope the weary soul rejoices For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn! Fall on your knees Oh hear the […]

Baby’s Gone Blues – Reba McEntire

I feel the blues coming on Cause i feel you being gone It’s something i wish i could lose Baby’s gone blues There ain’t no sunshine in sight Cause you’re gonna leave me tonight My heart is sure feeling bruised Baby’s gone blues Chorus: Oh – love has gone wrong It’s so hard on my […]

Somebody Up There Likes Me – Reba McEntire

I can’t get used to the hustle I try to keep my actions straight I get caught in the bustle I do things i really hate Just when i think i’m sinking I hear a voice inside my head Says don’t do what you’re thinking Send your thoughts to me instead Chorus: Somebody up there […]

I’ll Believe It When I Feel It – Reba McEntire

That i’d find another to take the place of you And they all said someone else would hold me And i’d have a lover to love like i loved you Chorus: I’ll believe it when i feel it When somebody makes me feel the way you did They say he’s out there They tell me […]

Don’t You Believe Him – Reba McEntire

He can give you a reason to live if he wants to He can make you forget other loves that you had known He has two lips and two arms that thrill you as very few do And if you want him to give them to you just ask and he will Chorus: Don’t you […]

If I Had My Way – Reba McEntire

We wouldn’t have to meet here In this dark secluded place To hide our faces If i had it my way You wouldn’t have to say goodbye Then driving home dream up another alibi If i had it my way There’d be no more wrong numbers When i call you on the phone And she’s […]

Only In My Mind – Reba McEntire

Oh on a park bench in the middle of july We sat and watched the children play If it was the heat or the noise He didn’t have too much to say Then with a move of his eyes A move that could have made the wind stand still He took my hand in his […]

Only You (and You Alone) – Reba McEntire

Only you Can make this world seem bright Only you Can make the darkness bright Only you and you alone Can thrill me like you do And fill my heart with love For only you Only you Can make this change in me For it’s true You are my destiny When you hold my hand […]

You Lie – Reba McEntire

We lie in the dark i know you’re awake The only sounds are the sounds this old house makes But, oh, how i long, i long to hear your voice] Desperate to talk, yearning to touch Burning inside ’cause i want you so much So i say i need you and leave you no choice […]

My Mind Is On You – Reba McEntire

We had a fight A lover’s quarrel Angry words spoken in haste Deep in the night It went out of control And with tears streaming down my face I slammed the door and i walked out Swearing that we were through Now i’m sitting in a bar Thinking i’ve gone too far Wondering what i’m […]

Straight From You – Reba McEntire

People love to talk And lord i’ve heard it all A rumor’s not a stranger in this town Now me, i pay no mind But it’s hittin’ home this time Now i’ve been told you’ve gone and let me down Chorus: I need to hear it straight from you Is it rumor or truth It […]

Is There Life Out There – Reba McEntire

She married when she was twenty She thought she was ready Now she’s not so sure She thought she’d done some living But now she’s just wonderin’ What she’s living for Now she’s feeling that there’s something more Chorus: Is there life out there So much she hasn’t done Is there life beyond Her family […]

Little Rock – Reba McEntire

Well i’m married to the good life I said i’d be a good wife When i put on this ring I drive a new mercedes I play tennis with the ladies I buy all the finer things But all that don’t mean nothing When you can’t get a good night’s loving Chorus: Oh little rock […]

I’m In Love All Over – Reba McEntire

Well i’m flying out of tulsa Trying to get out to the coast Missing my connections But it’s you i miss the most I’m in love all over (echo) I’m in love all over (echo) Well i’m in love all over Everywhere i go Well my heart feels like bursting When you walk into the […]

Glad I Waited Just For You – Reba McEntire

Use to be (use to be) Love was mean to me Every love i tried my heart cried that won’t do Now you see (now you see) Love’s been good to me i guess my love was waiting just for you You and me (you and me) (you and me) Go so well as we […]

Moving Oleta – Reba McEntire

The nurses saw an old woman cryin’ But he saw the love of his life She don’t know where she is But she knows this isn’t home Love is a hard, hard road He met her in the summer of thirty-seven In a brush arbor down on the Rush Creek shore He loved her black […]

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