Just A Little Love – Reba McEntire

When our check bounces at the store And the whole world seems at war You bring me peace of mind once more With just a little love When the boss says i’m ten minutes late And the stack of bills just won’t wait Ooo, you take the worries away With just a little love Chorus: […]

Love By Love – Reba McEntire

You found me down Hurting bad from his memory And i thought love and i were really through But you reached out And touched my heart so tenderly You gave me life Gave me hope Made me blue Chorus: Touch by touch You’re taking the hurt away Smile by smile A little more everyday Heart […]

How Was I To Know – Reba McEntire

My world revolved around you Every word was a promise i was hangin’ on Swept up inside a whirlwind I just couldn’t see the end till you were gone I thought i would fall apart With shattered dreams and a broken heart Scramblin’ in the dark Chorus: How was i to know That i’d be […]

Waiting For The Sun To Shine – Reba McEntire

Waiting for the sun to shine Waiting for the sun to shine on my heart again Oh i’ve been standing underneath a dark cool cloud now Waiting for the sun to shine Waiting for the sun to shine on my heart again Oh i’ve been throwing a lot of good love away now Waiting for […]

I Wouldn’t Go That Far – Reba McEntire

I’ll never forget that night long ago When he drove me down that old dusty road He took me as far as i’d ever been He wanted me and i wanted him But i’d always been told i shouldn’t give in Chorus: I wouldn’t go that far I didn’t follow my heart He said he […]

This Picture – Reba McEntire

That old picture with my arm around you Tore it to pieces this morning at two Score one for me I took your portrait off the living room wall Then i started on the ones in the hall Had a bonfire I decided it was time to forget So i got rid of every picture […]

I Heard Her Cryin’ – Reba McEntire

The whole night in the kitchen Saying words we’ll both regret And you scream you we’re leaving And you cursed the day we met The sound goes above the slamming door And broken dishes thrown around the floor So loud it made us stop It was the sound of a teardrop Chorus: When i heard […]

Good Friends – Reba McEntire

Feeling one another’s joy and sorrow Dreams today may come true tomorrow Good friends Close together like they’re bookends Feeling what the other one is feeling They never seem to be without Those little things to laugh about Good friends They have the kind of love That only deepens It’s something that you rarely find […]

Whoever’s In New England – Reba McEntire

You spend an awful lot of time in massachutes Seems like every other week you’ve got a meeting waiting there Business must be booming or could something else Be moving in the air up there You say that its important for our future An executive on his way up has got to play the part […]

He’s Only Everything – Reba McEntire

But there’s a million and one things the eyes of the world never see He may walk the same He may talk the same As a million others do Oh but you’d see him as i do if his heart had eyes for you Chorus: He’s only everything Only everything He’s as real as the […]

She’s Single Again – Reba McEntire

I just got to tell you what i saw last night I wish i was guessing but i know that i’m right She walked in the place with a smile on her face And i wondered why she was alone Every man watched her as she swayed on by The way she was looking every […]

Gonna Love Ya (till The Cows Come Home) – Reba McEntire

Chorus: Gonna love ya till the cows come home Gonna love ya baby all night long Gonna love ya lordy me oh my Gonna love ya till the day i die Take your time morning is far away And the moon’s leaning into the night So we won’t be needing the light So (repeat chorus) […]

Sunday Kind Of Love – Reba McEntire

A love to last, past saturday night. I’d like to know it’s more than love at first sight. I want a sunday kind of love. And i want a, a love that’s on the square. Can’t seem to find somebody, someone to care. And i’m on a lonely road that leads to nowhere. I need […]

Love Isn’t Love (til You Give It Away) – Reba McEntire

Smile’s not a smile until it wrinkles your face Bell’s not a bell without ringing A home’s not a home when there’s nobody there A song’s not a song without singing Chorus: Love isn’t love till you give it away Love isn’t love till it’s free The love in your heart Wasn’t put there to […]

Small Two Bedroom Starter – Reba McEntire

The house stood empty on a corner Waiting for a brand new owner A soldier off to war who had to leave his bride alone She couldn’t buy too many nice things On a gi bill and daydreams But she tried until they told her He was never coming home Chorus: Small two bedroom starter […]

Til I Said It To You – Reba McEntire

Love is a powerful word A little word that oughta mean something Love better mean what it says Say what you mean or it doesn’t mean nothing Love is a dangerous door to open If you don’t feel it when it’s spoken Chorus: Sometimes i said it when i really didn’t mean it Just to […]

Does He Love You (with Linda Davis) – Reba McEntire

Reba: I’ve known about you For a while now When he leaves me He wears a smile now As soon as he’s away from me In your arms is where he wants to be Linda: But you’re the one he rushes home to You’re the one he gave his name to I never see his […]

My Turn – Reba McEntire

Turn out the light Turn yourself over to me Turn off the world Turn my feelings free Just enjoy the pleasure For the pleasure pleases me You’ve been turning me on all night long Now it’s my turn You have reached the woman in me Through the man in you Let me be that woman […]

Right Time Of The Night – Reba McEntire

Sun goes down on a silky day Quarter moon walking though the milky way Oh you and me baby We could think of something to do Chorus: It’s the right time of the night The stars are waking above It’s the right time of the night for making love No use talking when the shadows […]

Suddenly There’s A Valley – Reba McEntire

When you’ve climbed the highest mountain When a cloud holds the sunshine in Suddenly there’s a valley Where the earth knows peace with men When a star hides the distant rainbow And you think you can’t find a friend Suddenly there’s a valley Where friendships never end Touched only by the season Swept clean by […]

New Fool At An Old Game – Reba McEntire

Stephen) You sure know what you’re doing holding me this way. And i’ll go where you lead me Anywhere you say. You’ve got me where you want me. So darling please be kind. Before you take it all, and i Make that final fall. You’ve got to keep in mind i’m A new fool at […]

A Christmas Letter – Reba McEntire

At an antique desk An old man sits alone It’s christmas eve And it’s almost time to go He signs his name to a letter he just wrote Then he reads it back with a voice as soft as snow Chorus: I want peace on earth for christmas In a world where there’s not one […]

You Remember Me – Reba McEntire

They say no one should call on you Unless she’s your permission to But me, i just came anyway I couldn’t care less what you say ’cause i know you from long before You hid behind a stained glass door And walked around And looked your old friends up and down But anyway, i thought […]

I’ve Never Stopped Dreaming Of You – Reba McEntire

I’ve forgotten your number I hadn’t called in a while And i’m slowly forgetting your funny little smile I’ve even stopped missing The love that we knew But i’ve never stopped dreaming of you I’ve lost all the memories The feel of your touch And it’s left my mind why i loved you so much […]

What Do You Say – Reba McEntire

(michael dulaney, neil thrasher) Stuck at a red light outside an adult bookstore His son said, “daddy, what are all those x’s for” As the light turned green he changed the subject fast He started talkin’ ’bout football as they drove right past Chorus: What do you say in a moment like this When you […]

Have I Got A Deal For You – Reba McEntire

Well you look like the kind who’s got an eye for a bargain A kind of guy who likes to shop around Well i got me this old heart That i’m putting on the market And i’ll make you a deal you can’t turn down Chorus: Have i got a deal for you A heart […]

Out Of The Blue – Reba McEntire

Out of the blue I needed someone to take me Out of the blue It seemed i’d always be alone Till out of the blue came you Out of the blue Waiting for a love to take me Out of the blue I thought love had passed me by Till out of the blue came […]

This Christmas – Reba McEntire

2,000 years ago, three wise men left their home When an angel of the lord Said, “seek the savior born” Logic told them they were crazy They shouldn’t even try The followed their hearts, they followed that star This christmas, let me be that wise 2,000 years ago, mary left her home An angel said, […]

She Came On Like Lightnin’ – Reba McEntire

I always loved my baby I always kiss my baby I’s always taken by his charms I never hurt my baby I never beat my baby I never did him any harm but Chorus: That dog she stole my baby She rock and rolled my baby Swept him away from me by storm She came […]

It Don’t Matter – Reba McEntire

We’ve got a nice little house on a quiet little street But it don’t matter A two garage with a new cherokee But it don’t matter Chorus: Cause we don’t ever seem to talk anymore And you don’t hold me like you did before We’ve got everything we wanted and more But now i know […]

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