Roses – Reba McEntire

A soft summer evening, another time, another place He brought her red roses on their very first date She got […]

Daddy – Reba McEntire

My daddy is a rancher He’s wrangled cattle dang near all his life He also liked to rodeo He traveled […]

Walk On – Reba McEntire

Oh ain’t life wonderful When everything is right But sometimes wonderful Can fall apart sometimes When your troubles knock you […]

Hold On – Reba McEntire

Hold on cause this feels just like a first love There’s no way to rehearse love We’ll just learn as […]

Nickel Dreams – Reba McEntire

A little girl’s dream world with ribbons and long curls Reflections of yesterday’s past Now headlines and foot lights The […]

Good Friends – Reba McEntire

Feeling one another’s joy and sorrow Dreams today may come true tomorrow Good friends Close together like they’re bookends Feeling […]

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