Jesus, Daddy And You – Rebecca Lynn Howard

In the back of my mind there’s a sweet memory Of an old front porch swing and daddy singing to me I can still feel the touch of his callused hands In my eyes he was the one perfect man The first of three men I gave my hear to Jesus, Daddy and you Come […]

Believe It Or Not – Rebecca Lynn Howard

You would think by now I could face the fact You’re not here and you not coming back But instead I go on And let myself pretend Guess somehow deep down, I’m convinced What I feel, can’t be real That’s what I tell myself It’s a dream, this kind of thing Only happens to someone […]

Out Here In The Water – Rebecca Lynn Howard

You hold the pole and I’ll try to net him I’ll wade out up to my waist Been standin’ on the bank all day hot and sweaty We can’t let this one get away Take your time, let the line sink to the bottom Cause we sure don’t want it to break But if the […]