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Soopaman Luva 5 (Part I) – Redman

Soopaman Luva flyin through the fuckin sky I’m lookin for my mojo, I’m fried chinky-eyed My cape is still tore up, but I make a lil’ money I’m like Ace Ventura, duckin my landlord The land of the poor, where I handle my biz I got a weed spot on the block Hannibal live Pokemon […]

I’ll Be Dat – Redman

Yo, y-yo.. F-U-UCCCK YOUUUUU! Yo yo yo, yo yo yo yo, fuck you! Yo yo yo yo yo fuck you! Yo, zim zeema, who got the keys to my Beema? Jack move, that’s how we act when we team up Hey yo yo yo yo yo, stretch it out nigga Let the motherfucker pass us […]

Tonight’s Da Nite (remix) – Redman

Word is bond, word is me Smokin mad blunts, and all the fronts and Check it out, whatcha want and Go on with slang, well get to bang, rockin my thang Funkadelic, hit you with irrelevant, heyyyy Micraphone check, I walk around the street with black Tecs and knapsacks I’m known for smokin ass-cracks til […]

It’s Like That (My Big Brother) – Redman

Reggie Noble’s stinkin ass will not be performing with us tonight (K-Solo) Erick Sermon, keep keep it on Def Squad, Erick Sermon, Redman keep keep it on K to M Keith Murray keep keep it on Keep keep on, ya don’t stop Keep keep it on, and ya don’t stop Keep keep it on, and […]

Iz He 4 Real – Redman

Hooooaa, haha haaaaaa (“;Iz he for real he can’t be”; — Rock, Leflah Leflour Eshkoshkah) yah word up Haha, hooooaa haaaaaa (“;Iz he for real he can’t be”;) yah word up Hoooooaa, iz he 4 real haaaaaa (“;Iz he for real he can’t be”;) Haha, unbeknown, unbelieved Hoooooaa, haha haaaaaa (“;Iz he for real he […]

Da Goodness – Redman

Yo, bless the steel, step out dressed to kill Spark the L, “;Whattup Doc?”; What the deal? Clock the squeal, the MC overkill Certified cylinders 35 mil’ Jumpin out planes, Doc’s Da Name Cock the flame, back to delete the pain Hater, IKSRFO, don’t Piscapo Hit the safe for cake, shoulda switched to coal Nigga, […]

Yesh Yesh Y’all – Redman

I G off C 4 lyrics to blow off them Lex door My tex-ture be the kind that explore MC’s then blow em out, metaphor after metaphor I’m more wetter than your boy bigger So how you figure you can fuck with this rap unemploy nigga I should own a fly bitch house and a […]

A Million And 1 Buddah Spots – Redman

My brain is high like Newark New Jersey do car thefts I’m high, when I sag my 2 Black Guys I would be brief but my Karl Kani’s didn’t dry I smoke the blunt for all you underground chumps My smoke bangs like it’s freshly picked from the swamps So nigga how you roll a […]

Green Island – Redman

My style’s rugged like Timberland When I clock lyric then women give me more love than Wimbledon My style flow local like New Jersey transit And I can’t stand it And you’ll need Teddy to unjam it when I cram it I’m from N-to-the-E W-A-R-K, Newark NJ got the AK When I wave bitch you […]

Green Island – Redman

My style’s rugged like Timberland When I clock lyric then women give me more love than Wimbledon My style flow local like New Jersey transit And I can’t stand it And you’ll need Teddy to unjam it when I cram it I’m from N-to-the-E W-A-R-K, Newark NJ got the AK When I wave bitch you […]

Da Bump – Redman

Original rude bwoy… on your scene Haha, ha ha ha! Everybody light your blunts, get your smoke on Hahah All you bitches drop your drawers… witcha stinkin ass (stinkin ass) Just roll that weed (roll that weed) just roll that weed (roll that weed) Verse One: Aiyyo, yes it’s me the MC Grand Royal Spittin […]

My Zone! – Redman

Crackers, crackers Niggaz, Niggaz (This is a test of the emergency smokecast system) Crackers, crackers Niggaz, niggaz Fuckers, fuckers (This is a test, This-this is a test of the emergency smokecast system) Crackers, crackers Niggaz, niggaz [Redman] Yo yo yo Funk Doc is on a world tear jumpin’ 15,000 feet out of plane in the […]

Redman Meets Reggie Noble – Redman

Yo, where at? Smack dab across your lips, can you talk? Ahm ahh ill uhh ahm no em no menna no vat Yo-ye-yo Redman, what the fuck was that? I don’t know but it’s on my top lip Don’t crack jokes, and pop shit Just get it off my top lip Or Reggie, you can […]

WKYA (Drop) – Redman

This is DJ Sayyyy WHAT?! on this motherfucker Comin at you live on WKYA Radio from the Brick City The weather is callin for it to be hotter than a MOTHERFUCKER out there So crack a brew, roll a blunt, cause the phone lines are open right now We’ve expanded to cities like Atlanta, D. […]

Enjoy Da Ride – Redman

Yo, I know the streets is watchin’ Dirty date niggas caught blockin’ or glockin’ Waitin’ for my down four street got options Fuck y’all, y’all can ball, im’a stay rockin’ All emcee’s falled when I heard the albums droppin’ Nuttin but the hottest hip-hop rap concoction Rap’s in a state of emergency, it’s shockin’ I […]

Bobyahed2dis – Redman

And I say… right about now you are rockin with the best! Can I get a hit? *inhale* *coughing* Thank you *coughing* What you’re about to experience is a walk on the Funkadelic side Who knows better than the Funkadelic devil himself To all knotty head niggaz, bob to this Come walk with Def Squad […]

Well All Rite Cha – Redman

Hydro… indo… (buddha!) Hah… cocoa… yo, ya-ya-yo! I need some brown weed (lady) all day I need some brown weed (jenny) I need some cut (lady, lady) Now these doors don’t open, til after dark And it ain’t til 12 til the party really starts (Yo, me and my crew had to be in by […]

Welcome (Interlude) – Redman

At 1-800-DIKINYABOOTY [Redman] Welcome That’s 1-800-dick-in-ya-boo-tay!! [Redman] Welcome *ringing phone is answered* Aiyyo this is Mad Duke callin from Da Bricks I’m on the block with Uncle Quilly and Leroy Sweetdick gettin my smoke on, for you onionhead motherfuckers Hi this K-Spark from the Al Parks, dammmn! Welcome to another nineteen ninety-six Funk Doctor Spock […]

Uh-Huh – Redman

Yo, now first of all I’m a kid about money Talkin hot bid’ness and my paper work, runnin Doc an’ Hot Nick’s like Good Will Hunting Put them shotguns up in the air and start, pumpin Real niggaz in the hood don’t start, nuttin When the heat breaks they proceed to start, dumpin You eyeballin […]

Real Niggaz – Redman

Yeah, now, now is you motherfuckers ready for this? (c’mon) Do you really think you ready for this? (c’mon) Do you know that you ready for this, huh? We gon’ see if you ready for this [Scarface] I be the street sweeper nigga Quick to leave your whole block shook and shot at from fuckin […]

Doggz II – Redman

[Redman] Yo, *Barks* Yeah Yeah, yo, yo “;Where my dogs at”; – DMX sample (throughout Redman talking) (Verse 1) Who them niggas Who will roll up to your front door hand on the pump (Doggz nigga) Kick down the door, and pull out the four, and lay niggas down for your man getting jumped What […]

Smoke Buddha – Redman

Aiyyo, I got a slight problem I smoke weed too much Knees buckle the – uck up when I’m splittin my dutch Back up back up! Ain’t nobody hittin for free It’s just E Doubl-E, Keith Murray, and me It cost twenty if you’re down with it Aiyyo son I ride around with my hooptie […]

Down South Funk – Redman

All the way to motherfuckin Georgia To Tennessee To motherfuckin Texas To North motherfuckin Carolina Yeah, South fuckin Carolina Yeah, deep down, gritty Alabama Funk for your funkin ass, nigga Ha ha, barefoot walkin motherfuckers [Erick Sermon] Yo, guess who’s bout to stomp tonight? Three seniors, rockin the mic, catchin misdemeanors So charge us with […]

Cosmic Slop – Redman

Yeah, bout to fly that knot Redman, Keith Murray, Erick Sermon with the, Cosmic Slop And we all pack glocks Word is Bond, word is bond Fuck around and get shot Verse One: E Double As I flip, skip to the beat, on wax, and tax I react with tons of macs, a ball, and […]

Whateva Man – Redman

[E Dub] Microphone check one two Aiyyo, you ready to get down man? [Red] Yo, whateva man [E Dub] You ready to get drunk as fuck? [Red] Whateva man [E Dub] You, you sayin somethin? [Red] Whateva man [E Dub] Aiyyo [Red] Whateva man [E Dub] Check it, Kool V (I keeps it bangin, keep […]

Chicken Head Convention (Skit) – Redman

At the fucked up Chicken Head Convention Nationwide, Jones Beach, all the boroughs is representin We got the big weaves, the big shoes, bad attitudes Huh, it’s on and POPPIN out this motherfucka Well this is Nik D, hood broken to the end tell a friend beyatch And we gon check in with these here […]

J. U. M. P. – Redman

This is the story.. of pro-zen-xanthrapus Pro-zen-ganthrapus.. Funky monkey.. nasty monkey.. gangster monkey.. [Redman] Yo yo, yo, yo.. watch out!! I run New Jerz Got blood on my wifebeater undershirt (look) Hand to hand you bout half a gram I’m a truckload, backin in, under dirt! Lock on target, your wallet Your chains I left […]

Beet Drop – Redman

Let me clear my throat! Kick it over here Baby Pop! And all the fly skimmers.. Feel the Beet.. mmmm drrrrrrrrop! Coolin up in Jersey on a hot summer’s day It’s me and Erick Sermon and, Keith Mur-ray A lot of beer, a lot of girls, and a lot of CURSIN Forty-five automatic on my […]