Performer REDMAN

Boodah Break – Redman

Hah If you got your motherfuckin lighters Light em up, light em up, light em up, light em up “;D […]

Wuditlooklike – Redman

Eeeyeahh Wuditlooklike, to all you trick bitches and you punk ass niggaz out there I’m talkin to you live from […]

Diggy Doc – Redman

D. O. C. on the system, we kick it fresh y’all Lettin the bass thump on and strong and hard […]

I Got A Secret – Redman

Ladies.. and gentlemen I got a secret Somebody told me yo’ ass stink! Don’t blame me! Hah, what, huh.. Ah, […]

Journey Throo Da Darkside – Redman

Woo-woo-wowowowooo! Lord hi-gher Could somebody, turn on, da lights Somebody, turn on, da lights *coughing* The darkside! Yessss… Verse One: […]

Keep On ’99 – Redman

It’s about 40 degrees out there I know all you out there listenin to these sounds humpin and a bumpin […]

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