Reek Of Putrefaction – Carcass

And maturing damp fumes
This foul menage forces tears to your eyes
As the corpse’s gas are exhumed…
Intoxicated by foul body odours
And the nauseating tepid whiff
Pinching your nostrils as you irrigate flatus
From the emaciated stiff…

Volatile entrails fume and steam
As they’re meticulously hacked during discission
Evaporating sludge and bubbling pus-
A rotten gaseous expiration…
Maturating corpse, the stale smell of decay and rot
– A sickening asphyxiation
Gross remains gush, innards turn to sludge
– With partial liquefaction…
Smell the rot…
Of the corrupted corpse…
Hallucinogenic trip…
Tissue gases leak – a warm, unpleasant reek
A quite macabre addiction
Deteriorated bloated corpse – decomposure burning hot
Sniff the smell of carrion

(Solo: Cadaveric resin)

Inhaling the dank smells
As you gouge out the dripping innards with glee
Succumbing to a translucid state
As you sniff the aroma of necropsy…
Bacterial decomposition
The aroma of fungal/larval infestation
Consuming, ripening slime
As the cadaver is slowly wasting…

Lyric Reek Of Putrefaction – Carcass