Scott’s A Dork – Reel Big Fish

I love her and she loves everyone She said she likes my band but I don’t even like my band I love her and she loves everyone I saw her kiss him last night I’m sick now, I’m sick now (But it’s just a little cold) Scott’s a dork Scott’s a dork When I say […]

The Set Up (You Need This) – Reel Big Fish

For you to not care But I don’t and that’s why You think I’m a great guy But I want you and you want me to And you need this, wanna give it to you And I thought this time I’d say something new I’ll call you, I swear So next time be there Can’t […]

Alternative, Baby – Reel Big Fish

And I don’t know just what you’re sayin’, But you’re my hero… whoa And a guy just kicked me in the head, A little girl just passed out dead, I’m in between a big jock and a sweaty skinhead But I love you whatever that means… But I don’t wanna talk to you, ‘Cause I […]

She’s Famous Now – Reel Big Fish

I’m sick of waiting by the door in case she comes home You won’t believe it but don’t you want to know I let her go but I can’t let her go I don’t wanna hear it I’m singin’ too high tonight, I’m gonna lose my voice I heard her on the radio don’t want […]

Fuck Yourself – Reel Big Fish

I’m just sittin’ here wastin’ so much time I know it’s my fault but it’s not my problem anymore… Some day, maybe she’ll come back to me And I’ll say, “;why don’t you go fuck yourself!?”; But everybody’s talkin’, they know that I’m lyin’ She gave me everything…all I want is more… Yea, I wrote […]

Snoop Dog Baby – Reel Big Fish

Try to run, try to hide, try to keep it inside They were playin’ that song and I thought about her Snoop Doggy Dog, Snoop Doggy Dog So much trouble in the LBC livin’ without her’s gonna drive me crazy…she’s so. Don’t you just wanna kill me, cause you’re talkin’ behind my back Well I […]