Refusal Of Penance – Deicide

Endless speculation, why would I repent?
If I find salvation and the book of hymns
Their annihilation will not get me in
Expose god religion to my dying death
Cannot be forgiven by your holiness
Will I learn my lesson, bare their sympathy?
Answer to your question – that ain’t happening

Bow before no god that cannot be seen
And wants to show mercy on people like me
Facing their judgment to settle the score
Refusal of penance, I laugh at your lord

Grace of god refusal, evil to the end
Instrument of Satan, I have always been
Challenge my conviction to the Baphomet
Smash his crucifixion right against your head
Contents under pressure explode, kill your ass
Total devastation in the aftermath
I behold no penance, only dignity
In hell with Lord Satan for eternity

Lyric Refusal Of Penance – Deicide