The Big Bad Broken Heart – Regina Regina

I told mamma, time to make my way now I’ll be departin` any day now She dried a tear and whispered, well ok now Then she proceeded to offer me this advice She said some night you’re gonna find romance Some boy who is gonna want a slow dance You’ll melt when he takes a […]

She’ll Let That Telephone Ring – Regina Regina

Once again its calling to her Its a sound she knows Through the night its getting louder It must know shes home Its trying to wear her down As she sits softly crying Feeling weak but being strong She lets that telephone ring Chorus: she used to run each time he called She’d always give […]

Asking For The Moon – Regina Regina

The fences are mended, the bills are all paid And I feel kinda guilty for feeling this way For all you that you give me and all that you do I can’t help missing the romantic moments I once had with you Chorus: I’m only asking for the moon The stars in your eyes One […]

Border Town Road – Regina Regina

She was taught the world was small That it’s all dirt and dust Sunday school and country songs Things a girl can trust She’ll learn her lesson well She played her part But those back roads couldn’t give What was missing in her heart Chorus: You can make love staring at the stars From the […]

More Than I Wanted To Know – Regina Regina

I wanted to know about tenderness About the magic in a kiss and all the rest It was easy for you to play the part Of a romeo to my willing heart I gave it freely Oh you showed me Chorus: Just a little more than I wanted to know Just a little further than […]