Regular Day In Bosnia – De Heideroosjes

But how can words reflect their hell?
I’m struck by hollow empty eyes
Faith is gone, trust replaced by lies
What’s a home if it isn’t yours?
Is it human if if you can’t show remorse?
Respect is a laugh when guns blast
They just live today, it might be their last

It’s a regular day in Bosnia
It’s a regular kid in Bosnia
Something’s still burning in Bosnia
I will never forget about Bosnia

I’m walking through this ghost-town
Definite silence all sounds will drown
Burned down houses withness paranoia
Ethnic cleansing, name of the destroyer
A family portrait, it’s lying in rubbish
I think I know but still I pray, I hope, I wish
Hunted, killed for what cause?
Another fьhrer’s megalomania of course!

He tells me about the mine-fields he has crossed
He tells me about the friends he had lost
He tells me about his sister being blown to bits

Lyric Regular Day In Bosnia – De Heideroosjes