Performer REHAB

Scarecrow – Rehab

The omnipotent one I watch the fields I do not feel I circumnavigate everyone I am the scarecrow, alone and […]

Thinkin’ Again – Rehab

Gluttony hasn’t gone out of style since the fall of man We scratch and claw we steal and kill ambitions […]

Hey Fred – Rehab

Wild turkey out the bottle gauz covers where the wrists bled Begged and pled and fled rockin’ a hospital gown […]

More Like You – Rehab

An excess rules everything I do So tell me how can I be more like you Cause all of this […]

Drinkin’ Problem – Rehab

I’ve gotta drinkin’ problem man one mouth and two hands And an empty can I ain’t got no loochie loochie […]

Kick My Ass – Rehab

Goin’ north in the southbound lane Railroad crossing I out run the train Holdin’ pain golden grain Danno Malone’s the […]

Miss Jones – Rehab

Ms. Jones gotta yellow bird Gotta pretty yellow bird that she be keepin’ in a cage Ms. Jones gotta yellow […]

Crazy People – Rehab

You ain’t killed nobody today, but I ain’t well Hangin’ up on strippers, working on my 3rd bottle of liquor […]