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Maybe It’s Maybeline – Relient K

we find that everything breaks and it always is the same, gotta find someone to blame and these errors that we make (cause we’re all human earthquakes) yeah, we made the hurricane, yet we’re not the one’s to blame? we point the finger even though it’s not polite we condemn the son of God (we’re […]

Balloon Ride – Relient K

There were things between me and God that were blocking my view. So I prayed, “;Oh dear Lord, take these things away so I can see.”; He answered my prayer and at the sight of Him I fell to my knees. And until I went onto that fateful trip. I thought I was on a […]

Breakdown – Relient K

one mile to go, but i can’t push it that far i think i’ve had enough i think i’m giving up saved all my money to buy a new guitar then i got ripped off by the guy who fixed my car i think i’ve had enough i think i’m giving up once again life’s […]

Sadie Hawkins Dance – Relient K

who they gonna take to the Sadie Hawkins My ears are burnin but I kept on walkin smile on my face and an air guitar rockin The Sadie Hawkins Dance in my khaki pants There’s nothin better oh oh oh The girls ask the guys it’s always a surprise There’s nothin better baby do you […]

Less Is More – Relient K

Take all my mistakes Throw them away Destroy them for my sake Jesus, I call out ’cause I’m sorry Because I fall so short of your glory To the best of my ability I’m practicing humility And I lay myself before ‘Cause less is more All that I have I lay before With my pride […]

Wake Up Call – Relient K

I said, “;You’re crazy.”; She said, “;Get out of bed, why are you so lazy? Why waste the day away?”; I said, “;Because I’m tired.”; When Denise called, by the way they told me that your fired So recless for all these years, I crashed into a wall. There’s a ringing in my ears, And […]

Pressing On – Relient K

We’re on to something good here. Out of mind, out of state. Trying to keep my head on straight. I think we’re going somewhere. We’re on to something good here. There’s only one thing left to do. Drop all I have and go with you. [Chorus:] Somewhere back there I left my worries all behind. […]