Performer RELIENT K

Staples – Relient K

Cause it hasn’t been that long since you hit the pole because of speed Do you remember the ambulance it […]

Down In Flames – Relient K

We prefer to suck on pacifiers. Baby pacifists, we’re throwing fits. We don’t shake hands, we shake our fists. We’re […]

17 Magazine – Relient K

And she gave me some advice. And what she said was right. Talked to my sister late last night. I […]

Softer To Me – Relient K

There’s so much time so little to do We’re busy doing nothing cause it’s vanity we prize. You can’t see […]

Balloon Ride – Relient K

There were things between me and God that were blocking my view. So I prayed, “;Oh dear Lord, take these […]

Breakdown – Relient K

one mile to go, but i can’t push it that far i think i’ve had enough i think i’m giving […]

Less Is More – Relient K

Take all my mistakes Throw them away Destroy them for my sake Jesus, I call out ’cause I’m sorry Because […]

Wake Up Call – Relient K

I said, “;You’re crazy.”; She said, “;Get out of bed, why are you so lazy? Why waste the day away?”; […]

Pressing On – Relient K

We’re on to something good here. Out of mind, out of state. Trying to keep my head on straight. I […]