Renegade – Demolition

I ‘M Standing Here And Wait For You
I ‘Ve Talked To You The Night Before
And All I Know Is I Need More
Things That I Have Seen So Clear
Now After All I Feel The Fear
I Hate To Be Alone That Night
To Be Alone In Every Fight

I ‘M A Renegade – Let Me Go
I ‘M A Renegade – Leave Me Alone

Wake Me Up I Hate This Song
Something In My World Is Wrong
I Try To Live My Life So Well
But Now I See My Life Is Hell
Sometimes When I Walk Alone
I Am Sure I ‘Ll Find A Home
Something Changes The World So Fast
I ‘M On The Run Ever The Last

I ‘M A Renegade…..

People Try To Take It All
They Take My Power Till I Fall
I ‘M Fed Up With This Boring Game
I Feel That I ‘M Not The Same
Let Me Wake Up From This Dream
I ‘M No Fool And I Will Win
I Hate To Listen What You Say
I Will Make It In My Own Way

I ‘ M A Renegade…..

Lyric Renegade – Demolition