Repent – Mourning Sign

Spirit messenger I greet thee
Strike thy sword extinguish fire
Fortify my soul let pain reside within
I control my demons I control your fear

So you try to change me
Repent – Rape me with your ideals Repent – You can’t change me you know that Repent – But you still try to do it
You think you got the power to lick me with your poison tongue
Oh I love to feel the smell of your opinion as they burn

One mans act, One mans life, I just smiled when I smelled fire

So you try to change me…

Don’t you see the meaningless in licking me with your harmless tongue
I still remember the smell of your burnt opinions

I will not repent
Thou you try to change my view so I would be like you
I will not repent
Even though you take my freedom away, YOU BASTARD

I just smiled when I smelled fire

Lyric Repent – Mourning Sign