Reveal The Secrets – Symphorce

Just a shadow in the dark
youґve seen my face before
is it just a fantasy
am I coming back for more
canґt say whatґs on my mind
canґt do what I really feel
and whereґs the helping hand
is this my final stand?

Now I will fly
until the day the future dies until the morning of my life
until the meaning runs beside me into my life

I always thought Iґd never get caught
my time draws near, what I thought was peace of mind long before I broke
rules Thinking now about my perfect crime now Iґm standing in the line
They come at night, they steal my dream they will reveal, they steal my
secrets out of blood iґm sure you will.
The end is near captive of the empty dreams so crystal clear
I feel the crumbling insane
I am the lord I am the pain

Lyric Reveal The Secrets – Symphorce