Revelations Of A New Dimension – Astaroth

The crash of your jewish throne
Commentments of the great beast (will be an)
Absolute dominions on earth

Their blood is your wine
Their death is your life
We all shall burn, the spawn of you

Jehova – for his victory and for his glory

What will be, is a whore, with a key to rule our war
Perverte this gods craetion, with one spell of blasphemy
A new dimension for our mighty king is born
Praise the throned one, with the chaos horn

No sword can cut his flesh
No fire can burn his skin
A new, vision – we see
A new, chapter – will be

Revelations – your pain
Imagine – our father will reign
(So) for him we sworn in revenge
Then we are the legions of hell

Don’t turn away your head, man of thousand tortures
Look in the eyes of the hordes, of the arising darkness
Await their spear of hate, in your bloody breast
Then this I’ll tell you, is the eva of a new dimension

Their blood is your wine

Lyric Revelations Of A New Dimension – Astaroth