Category: RHAPSODY

Lord Of The Thunder – Rhapsody

Born in the time of darkness and evil under the sign of God glory’s my mother fire’s my brother sword my only law Into the land of chaos and hate there is no place for me and for the conquest of justice and honour I will use my steel Holy flame burn again for eternity […]

Triumph For My Magic Steel – Rhapsody

Flies to where old dragons are lying the cry for the triumph for my magic sword Burns the pride of my mighty conscience while rises the sceptre of our wise lord So thunder and storm, the rage of the sword the fury of my war The axe of the dwarf, the blood on the stone […]

The Mighty Ride Of The Firellord – Rhapsody

Cruel Akron bloody bastard I now spit on you You can turn my bones to black ash but I’ll move the moon I will light your evil kingdom and your heart will burn in flames Mutilated or dismembered we’ll soon rise to eat your brain You will pay for your victims and for Airin’s bloody […]

Rage Of The Winter – Rhapsody

Cold is the winter snow falls down mystical lights dance in the sky to the winds of night Spell of the nature fill all my soul kiss with your wonderful song my land with love Rage of the winter mould the horizon cover the mountains forest and lakes Rage of the winter magical wonder enchanted […]

Dawn Of Victory – Rhapsody

Fire is raging on the battlefield while Arwald is fighting the war of the kings The army of Dargor, the thunder, the storm… so people are calling the brave and his sword No time left to save the wise throne! Shades of a past not so far to forget… the rise of the demons from […]

Beyond The Gates Of Infinity – Rhapsody

let me go no through this dark evil ground A veil of fog now covers all something is happening my heart must be strong Keep away monsters of hell No, I won’t give you my inviting flesh Deformed creatures all around me crept out from ancient and unholy crypts They’ll be your madness they’ll be […]

Symphony Of Enchanted Lands – Rhapsody

“Oh, cruel, destiny… The tears soon covered the warrior’s face and Tharos, the beloved dragon, spread his wings for the last time, happy to have found the freedom at least in death… Fly… fly high, mighty Tharos… Your name will always be remembered by the people of the enchanted lands… and your mwmory will march […]