Performer RHAPSODY

Lux Triumphans – Rhapsody

“At the court of king Chaos only blood can write its own tragedy…” Mighty warriors from the silver hills march, […]

Echoes Of Tragedy – Rhapsody

Where sun creates shadow’s games where tragic echoes speak of death why Lord why between the ruins through lakes of […]

Holy Thunderforce – Rhapsody

Face me evil bastard, smell the hate of angels Glory, pride and bloodshed Cowards and beholders, rapers of my wisdom […]

Legendary Tales – Rhapsody

And darkness covers all the land the silent river flows the jesters dance around the flame playing an ancient song […]

Warrior Of Ice – Rhapsody

Demons of abyss wait for my pride on wings of glory I’ll fly brave and wild I’ll stop your madness […]

Emerald Sword – Rhapsody

to search for the third key to open the gates Now I’m near the altar the secret inside as legend […]

Eternal Glory – Rhapsody

I see the result of their quest Skulls of old heroes lie everywhere in this mystical place Dust in their […]