Love Somebody – Rick Springfield

It cost me a little piece of my heart I can see the doors you’re shutting ‘Cause they were open at the start Baby loving you has been hard on me You’re such a tough little sister Just looking for Mr. Right On the wrong side of town You better Love Somebody It’s late You […]

Just Gotta Sing – Rick Springfield

Just Gotta Sing to take your mind off the worry Just Gotta Sing to make the whole world ring Just Gotta Sing to take your mind off the hurry Oh, I tell you its easy, oh so light and easy If you’re feeling low, open up the door Just Gotta Sing to make the whole […]

Human Touch – Rick Springfield

They’re all dancing to a drum machine I know I’m living on the outside Scared of getting caught between I’m so cool and calculated alone in the modern world But Sally has a hard time holding back The alley to her heart is a beaten track She’s got the love monkey riding on her back […]

The Light Of Love – Rick Springfield

Coming from the cold and chilly L. A. night And when we get to the gate, baby All of the things that were said Will they turn you ’round and bring you back Will they bring you back Will you come back home ’cause you know I’m waiting The Light Of Love is always on […]

Inside Silvia – Rick Springfield

And it’s much too late for friends to come calling I disconnect the phone And I put on the radio and I take her and I talk real low And I hold her tight and soon I’m dancing in the night Inside Silvia, oh Silvia, yeah, yeah, Silvia I know my love is alive Inside […]

My Father’s Chair – Rick Springfield

All alone since the long night Now it’s three years on and I still feel He’ll come home, we’ll be alright So where’s this healing time brings I was told the pain would ease But it still hurts like the first night That night my brother, my mother and I Were looking up at a […]

Guenevere – Rick Springfield

I called her Guenevere And she would always call me Galahad I was her king She was my queen My Guenevere The days were warm The nights were sweet I didn’t think That something troubling me My Guenevere You left one night Farewell Guenevere Where are you Guenevere come back to Camelot Galahad is waiting […]

Little Roland Lost – Rick Springfield

I’m lost, I’m lost, find me He wondered too far now He is lost and lonely Little Roland all alone Cause he can’t find his way Wish I was home in the arms of my Mom She’s the one to protect me But here I am in the woods by myself Won’t somebody find me […]

White Room – Rick Springfield

Locked away inside her skin I can see her but I can’t get to her She won’t come out, and she won’t let me into The White Room (she’s living in) Lying alone ’til she comes undone In The White Room She burns for the real thing But it won’t come In her head is […]

Evil Child – Rick Springfield

Abnormized I was schooled by the devils child I did things you only dream of I was wild inside And he said I was evil Cause I am just an evil child Through the rain and sunshine They kept on calling me an Evil Child Cause I am just an evil child Miranda, Belinda for […]

She’s Alright – Rick Springfield

You turn me on when I’m in and around you I can’t understand why nobody told you that you’re alright Alright You give me love anytime that I want it I turn around you’ve already responded Can’t understand why nobody told you that you’re alright Alright I’ve got something and you’ve got something And we’ve […]

One Broken Heart – Rick Springfield

Still he broke your heart with lies You’ve got to be stronger, the pain, It won’t last much longer Don’t lose respect for yourself, no Sweet young thing, No, don’t lose your head Or by the time you’re seventeen You’ll be waking every morning With a stranger in your bed One broken heart, I know […]

Spanish Eyes – Rick Springfield

She’s been workin’ on me out of sight She’s got me whispering in the night Spanish Eyes But you can call me superstitious I don’t mind Strange feeling when her eyes meet mine She’s got me thinking about her all the time Spanish Eyes Hmmm, she loves to do it Oh mama don’t you say […]

Why? – Rick Springfield

To tell you who I am Try to justify YouЎЇd still deny IЎЇm a man I never understood it So I donЎЇt expect you to But I canЎЇt change now Love, just for you Maybe itЎЇs better That you know at last Oh I am sorry It all happened so fast We might have lasted […]

Just One Look – Rick Springfield

In love with you oh, oh And I found out just how good it feels, feels, feels To have your love oh, oh So you will will be mine, mine, mine Forever and always oh, oh Just One Look and I knew, knew, knew That you were my only one oh, oh I thought I […]

Stranger – Rick Springfield

Am I the one you love or am I your enemy You can turn your head, I can wash my hands But I’ve got to know where you stand ‘Cause sometimes I feel like a Stranger in my house And I wonder who’s lying with me I’m seeing ghosts walking round in the hallways And […]

Calling All Girls – Rick Springfield

And she was young, but she was ripe And she was vicious, and she took a bite Baby don’t wanna feel this pain anymore I’ve got a message, put it through emergency I wanna hear it on the radio tonight Calling All Girls, If you’re looking for love (you got it) Calling All Girls, If […]

Motel Eyes – Rick Springfield

From her question to her kiss She said she’d had a little much to drink She didn’t usually do this But she was looking for another head to scalp tonight And she had me right between her sights I turned to face her as the jukebox clicked off Playing a favorite song And she looked […]

Suzanne – Rick Springfield

(When things get hot) I know you like the heat (When things get hot) When things get much too much (When things get hot) So tell me why do you always run from me baby, like you do Cause where there’s smoke there’s fire I tell you love will never stay When you’re playing the […]

Beautiful Feelings – Rick Springfield

And they’re taking me nowhere And sometimes it’s hard Just to find what you need But lately I’m feeling Something good’s come around Cause she just takes me way up And she won’t let me down And Beautiful Feelings are starting again And all of my heartaches are starting to mend And Beautiful Feelings are […]

Hooky Jo – Rick Springfield

I need you so Hooky bye hooky go Where I donЎЇt know Looky high looky low Where can you be Hooky high hooky Jo I need your company And my sergeant said The war is over son It doesnЎЇt really matter That the north has won. So I packed my bags And I gave back […]

Alyson – Rick Springfield

Well I was sure that I heard the Director yell, “;Take it from the start”; And I could feel my body crushing yours Camera dollied into place Your husband’s in the front row, I couldn’t look him in the face Part of the pleasure was that it felt so wrong But it grew too fast, […]

Everybody’s Girl – Rick Springfield

like me Would get hurt by a girl like you And they got names for dirty little girls like you, honey It ain’t nice no, but they call you Everybody’s Girl And they say, “;Here she comes, here she comes, here she comes”; And they say, “; Here she comes, here she comes, here she […]

Psychoactive – Rick Springfield

I’m hot enough to blister Maybe this is just some kind of foolish game my mind is playing One voice it cries a warning Half of me’s already there and half of me ain’t got the stuff My love it’s out of control I tell you because of what she does to my soul With […]

1000 Years – Rick Springfield

You might never have gone away If only I tried Instead of making for the door YouЎЇd be loving me still today And if IЎЇd only been a little wiser You knew I knew the lies you told But you thought I didnЎЇt care And if IЎЇd only shown my love In so many different […]

Just One Kiss – Rick Springfield

You know you’re not the only one, I’m lonely too I been surviving just day by day I had some dreams but they all blew away And then I saw your face across a crowded room My heart missed a beat, oh, did you feel it too To trust someone you just gotta be bold […]

The Liar – Rick Springfield

As you moved up to the stage Catching the singer’s eye Looking older than your age Then I couldn’t help thinking and remember when You hated rock and roll I’m the loser You’re the liar, liar Rock and roller You’re the liar, liar Star struck strummer You’re the liar, liar, ohhhh Taking my heart each […]

Still Crazy For You – Rick Springfield

You’ve got me calling your name in my sleep We’ve held each other while we cried through the night It always turned out alright But I fell victim to a parallax view I sensed a change but I swore it was you I shied away when you needed me most I didn’t see what I […]

Yes I’m Glad – Rick Springfield

The rain outside has stopped with you to play But if you notice just what I am noticing You’ll be glad Step outside Step outside you’ll find Look above Look above your mind Lend an ear to what I have to say The sun outside is going to shine today But if you notice what […]

Affair Of The Heart – Rick Springfield

Mercury rising into the red The smell of your skin can light up all the fires in me Hungry to touch, I’m eager to please Out of control and I hand you the keys Every night I am burning to make love to you But don’t try to tell me you think it’s all physical […]

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