Misty Water Woman – Rick Springfield

When I came upon a lake, the sign said “;Misty Water”; And standing there, with wet and tangled hair was a girl she said her name was “;Bo”;, she was a farmer’s daughter I said get in, I’ll take you home, you must be cold Misty water woman You never get to her Misty water […]

I Get Excited – Rick Springfield

But you’re not gonna play You just ignore what your body is tryin’ to say I got the feelin’ that you’re playin’ And we’re both gonna win And I think this angel is about to sin I Get Excited Just thinkin’ what you might be like I Get Excited There’s heaven in your eyes tonight […]

Theme From Mission Magic – Rick Springfield

Yes, I can see, I believe that it’s magic If your mission is magic, your love will shine thru Do you believe, you believe in magic, ‘cos I believe, I believe that I do Yes, I can see, I believe that it’s magic If your mission is magic, your love will shine true If there’s […]

Is Everybody Happy? – Rick Springfield

If I see one more pretty girl on my TV screen Everybody’s pretending, future’s burning real bright All good children go to heaven, God’s still on our side He’s gonna make it up to you, He’s gonna make it up to you Baby in this life So much pain in the faces that we wear […]

If We Can Help One Another – Rick Springfield

You know the path is never easy No matter which one you might choose But with you we can do it, together we’ll go thru it If We Help One Another, na na na na… And if you need someone to lean on Then you’ll know just who to call ‘Cos with you we can […]

Speak To The Sky – Rick Springfield

and you know you’re not talkin’ to the air, to the air and the world will look better from up there Speak to the sky ’cause things can get ya down and you know when you’re talkin’ to the Lord, to the Lord the world will look better than before And if I stumble and […]

Me & Johnny – Rick Springfield

Left one or two hearts in a ruin Spent all that precious time doin’ Things we figured that Presley might have done Stole a few cars, never got caught Started some fights in the scrimmage We got caught up in the image Of playing young rebels by the handbook Looking back I guess we had […]

Come On Everybody – Rick Springfield

Come on Everybody Everybody Sing it Sing it Come on Come on Everybody, everybody, sing it Sing it Though my shoes are thin Lord lord And my coat isnЎЇt hanginЎЇ down Lord lord But this song is mine SoЎЇs this old guitar If youЎЇve been down the end of time YouЎЇll have seen my face […]

Prayer – Rick Springfield

There’s no need to right the wronged Laid down my burden I know I did not carry the weight Not sure to who responsibility belonged I turned a blind eye While waiting for the hand of fate to still the waters Heal all the broken hearts And hope it could be done without a sacrifice […]

I Can’t Stop Hurting You – Rick Springfield

“;You must be blind let me tell you a little something about yourself You’re the hurtin’ kind”; I must admit after the pain and fight I’ve a sneaking suspicion that you might be right I love you, I love you, I love you But I Can’t Stop Hurting You I want to, I want to […]

Tiger By The Tail – Rick Springfield

You looked so small and frail I didn’t know what to do I grabbed the Tiger By The Tail I grabbed the Tiger By The Tail I grabbed the Tiger By The Tail People said that you must be joking You let emotions run away with you I realized a little too late I bit […]

Itsalwayssomething – Rick Springfield

Yeah, I’ve got the heart of a Joan of Arc but the soul of a gigolo I’ve been good at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory Anytime I stopped to smell the roses they drew blood from me Do you know what I mean You never ever get away clean Oh, but it’s alright […]

Love Is Alright Tonight – Rick Springfield

Though her daddy’s making trouble It will be alright I’m working hard, I don’t know why I’m like a working class dog And I just get by Tonight I’m crawling out from in it And though we’re livin’ on the brink Second by second by minute by minuteЎ­ Love Is Alright Tonight We’re gonna be […]

Rock Of Life – Rick Springfield

Waking up blind with the house on fire Well I pick up my guitar, (I tune up) I look in the mirror It’s like a stranger in my hand (the baby is crying) There comes a time when the boy must leave (get up) And the man has to enter For the soul to understand […]

You Can Really Do It – Rick Springfield

You Can Really Do It if you try You Can Really Do It if you try If you’ll just let your mind take over I, I, I believe in you, you know there’s nothing you can’t do Sun, sun, sun will shine on, shine on thru The moment that you realize it’s true, Oh yes […]

Carry Me Away – Rick Springfield

Baby, help me listen to my heart And then take me to the top I’m afraid of love, so afraid of love And I’m scared to make it right But I know tonight, that it’s my last chance My last shot with real love and I wanna take it Last chance in the slow dance, […]

Woman – Rick Springfield

But I don’t know if I mean it I don’t know if I just pretend I make up my mind the feeling’s dead But who’s fooling who inside my head And I know that I had the feeling That something’s wrong It’s been out of my control for much too long I always seem to […]

Celebrate Youth – Rick Springfield

Looking at the younger man I can see the younger man Looking at the boy Over there the older woman Is looking at the younger woman I can see the younger woman Looking at the girl ‘Cause every man sees In the younger man the hope Every woman sees In the younger girl the dream […]

Love Is The Key – Rick Springfield

Oh what can we lose if our hearts are together-Love Is The Key Kick out your shoes and get down with it-Love Is The Key Just let the music take you there, and open your heart to the world Love Is The Key, Love Is The Key, so plain to see, Love Is The Key […]

Goldfever – Rick Springfield

Late night creeper with a Saturday Night, Saturday Night Special After some poor storekeeper, You need more and more just to stay alive Ooh it’s a sin, baby you fight to win But the rich get richer And the poor keep living in ditches Goldfever, let me tell you about goldfever Don’t you know that […]

State Of The Heart – Rick Springfield

I told you mine We’ve stopped and passed the time of day You work in town I work at night That gives us six until seven to work this out If I seem a little strange It’s just the State Of The Heart I’m waiting here for you In the state I’m in You are […]

Monty And Me – Rick Springfield

Running around fell into a fountain Monty and me tripped over a log Lay on my back and laugh ’til it hurt me Beautiful day for walking the dog All pretty little mothers were pushing their prams She ran from a bald headed man with a bag in his hand Would you like to come […]

Act Of Faith – Rick Springfield

Don’t you go and throw your heart away I know it’s so hard to do You’ve got to let go when you want to hold on I know how much you miss him celebrate what you had Don’t cry about the things left unsaid It’ll do no good You look for mercy and a meaning […]

Bruce – Rick Springfield

You gotta make it right for me It seems this other man’s name has been following me around And it just won’t let me be You see I got this name and he’s got this name too know Well they’re kinda close only a blind crazy fool Would think I was him it’s like saying […]

Why Are You Waiting – Rick Springfield

I’ve tried turning back there’s no point in that now What should I say, what should I do Should I fix my hair oh why am I scared now Facing the world is so hard do you know what I mean People are so often hard and far too ready to say…hey…ohhh Why Are You […]

Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield

Yeah I know he’s been a good friend of mine But lately something’s changed It ain’t hard to define Jessie’s got himself a girl And I want to make her mine And she’s watching him with those eyes And she’s lovin’ him with that body, I just know it And he’s holding her in his […]

The Photograph – Rick Springfield

She lifts from the drawer, the photograph Though tattered and torn, through years it has worn, But still bears the form of the man she knew Her eyes are weak, spilling tears on her cheek Her lips start to speak to the photograph She tells him with pride, she still loves him inside Though years […]

Love Somebody – Rick Springfield

It cost me a little piece of my heart I can see the doors you’re shutting ‘Cause they were open at the start Baby loving you has been hard on me You’re such a tough little sister Just looking for Mr. Right On the wrong side of town You better Love Somebody It’s late You […]

Just Gotta Sing – Rick Springfield

Just Gotta Sing to take your mind off the worry Just Gotta Sing to make the whole world ring Just Gotta Sing to take your mind off the hurry Oh, I tell you its easy, oh so light and easy If you’re feeling low, open up the door Just Gotta Sing to make the whole […]

Human Touch – Rick Springfield

They’re all dancing to a drum machine I know I’m living on the outside Scared of getting caught between I’m so cool and calculated alone in the modern world But Sally has a hard time holding back The alley to her heart is a beaten track She’s got the love monkey riding on her back […]

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