Trouble Man – Rickie Lee Jones

I’ve come of heart, baby, but now I’m cool I didn’t make it surely, playin’ by the rules I’ve come of heart, but now I’m fine I’m checkin’ trouble, sure movin’ down the line I’ve come of heart, but that’s OK ‘Cause Trouble Man don’t get in my way I’ve come of heart, baby I’ve […]

I Won’t Grow Up – Rickie Lee Jones

I won’t grow up I don’t wanna go to school Just to learn to be a puppet And recite a silly rule If growing up means it would be Beneath my dignity to climb a tree I won’t grow up, won’t grow up, won’t grow up Not me. I won’t grow up I don’t wanna […]

Flying Cowboys – Rickie Lee Jones

Whose born is twisted into shapes Unknown to the wicked and the wise And he bears the look of an animal Who’s seen things no animal should ever see He has been driven beyond all towns And all the systems until now though it is Long past too far he keeps going Because it’s a […]

Hey Bub – Rickie Lee Jones

I would call him, Hey Bub He had a little place he kept for me And he would tell me – (poof) Boy, we were so in love He moved us to a home there A place where he’d take care of me And I’d always know where he’d be I don’t know, it happened […]

Lush Life – Rickie Lee Jones

I used to visit all the very gay places Those come-what-may places I used to visit all the very gay places Where one relaxes on the axis of the wheel of life To get the feel of life From jazz and cocktails. The girls I knew had sad and sullen gray faces With distingue traces […]

Up A Lazy River – Rickie Lee Jones

Up a lazy river by the old mill run Lazy river in the noon day sun Linger awhile in the shade of a tree Throw away your troubles, Dream with me. Up a lazy river where the robin’s song Wakes the mornin’ We’ll roll along May be blue skies ‘bove Everyone’s in love Up a […]

Running From Mercy – Rickie Lee Jones

There’s a rainbow above me that the storm clouds hide And kind works will never die Cuz the magic in kindness springs from the love, love, love Little acts of kindness and little words of love Make our earthly home heaven above And there is no sorrow heaven cannot heal A fire within, no cross, […]

Magazine – Rickie Lee Jones

Calling from the corners Station to station For the magazine But her pages are turning Out the lights in the windows And all that you’re reading Is the braille night I can’t come out And play Paddy with The Precinct boys no more But you and me baby We’ll be lovers again But she’s walking […]

Away From The Sky – Rickie Lee Jones

He never did complain The chicken-headed man Feathering the rain But the last bus is tired And everybody’s gone The horses are waiting In the middle of the lawn Gone for the rodeo Gone from the tundra, gal It’s after the fair Is it bleeding out of you? “;Come into my trailer We’ll toast a […]

Company – Rickie Lee Jones

But I’ll survive another day Conversations to share When there’s no one there I’ll imagine what you’d say I’ll see you in another life now, baby I’ll free you in my dreams But when I reach across the galaxy I will miss your company Company I’ll be looking for company Look and listen Through the […]

Young Blood – Rickie Lee Jones

Young Blood is hiding there somewhere If you’re looking for something to do There’s always something happening there Like I & Bragger, we borrowed a coupe to day Here come Pepe and she’s got a friend with a chevrolet But she ain’t running She’s walking a little slow And she ain’t crying– she’s just singing […]

Gravity – Rickie Lee Jones

A cold that will wipe the hope from your eyes Young girl standing underneath the “;L”; train Standing there, watching the trains go by… You think that nobody knows where you are, girl You think that nobody knows how this feels Alone, in a world of your own There you are girl The small things […]

Love Junkyard – Rickie Lee Jones

Wilted roses, hearts grow cold Unhappy endings and shattered dreams ?????????????????? Where’s the candlelight, where’s the smiles Man this place goes on for miles There’s heaps and heaps of wedding rings Equal space for tramps and kings There’s no doberman dogs or security guards at the love junkyard Open twenty four hours, come as you […]

Juke Box Fury – Rickie Lee Jones

Polly got hit with a rolling pin We got even with the circus We bought tickets but we didn’t go in… You won’t like it here When I first take you, He’s in the back doing his Father O’Riley for the cops. But you’ll like Woody (He’s hiding in the shed) And we’re going with […]

Pink Flamingos – Rickie Lee Jones

Where the river, where the river bed runs dry She closes his eyes, puts her ear to his shirt And listens to the whole wide earth Lila’s ready, she look in the mirror He has stopped, he can’t hear her She stops in a bar, apparently she is unhurt And with a little bit of […]

Woody And Dutch On The Slow Train To Peking – Rickie Lee Jones

To find the Stax and Sun They were reaching to get to They was a rapping the flat scat Diamond dialectos of points and taps Between the chicken and the back They drew themselves a be-bop Midnight map They said “;do you got a map the next joint?”; “;Do you got a map the next […]

Road Kill – Rickie Lee Jones

What’s the matter with it? what’s it trying to say? What’s that on its back? where’s it trying to go? A mystical vision got dressed up one night Locked the door, walked through the misty porch light Headed over to somebody’s house For an occasion long awaited As it crossed the road, vista del mar […]

Skeletons – Rickie Lee Jones

Now they’re on their way Dashing thru the snow To St. John’s, here we go Well, it could be a boy But it’s okay if he’s girl Oh, these things that grow out of The things that we give We should move to the west side They still believe in things That give a kid […]

Just My Baby – Rickie Lee Jones

There’s something in my neighborhood It’s getting stronger every day There’s a rumor that lights up all of me And it whispers from the rooftops up above I must hold on or I’ll fly away Oh, no, not the autumn leaves Lift you up like a flower in the cool night breeze My heart’s just […]

Under The Boardwalk – Rickie Lee Jones

When the sun beats down, and melts the tar upon the roof And your shoes get so hot, you wish your tired feet were fire-proof Under the boardwalk, down by the sea On a blanket with my baby, that`s where I`ll be From the park you`ll hear the happy sounds of a carousel You can […]

The Real End – Rickie Lee Jones

Always followed me around The way I treated my little lamb was like The Marquis D. Sade and Her new clown I guess I hurt him I guess I hung up I guess I should have called him back I guess I didn’t care Maybe I left him there Maybe a woman just acts like […]

Danny’s All-star Joint – Rickie Lee Jones

They got a juke box that goes doyt-doyt The vice is nice, they stay in the back all day But when the nighttime comes, hey-hey There’s this cat down there that makes a bad kinda soup I come around struttin’ my luck in my shoop coupe Cecil gives me coffee And he won’t never take […]

Atlas’ Marker – Rickie Lee Jones

One where heaven doesn’t weigh so much Maybe you’ll find another girl One you can feel when you do not touch Well I’ve got something Warm inside me It won’t let you fall ‘Til I see Somewhere better than this place Some night you’ll open your eyes and live far away Somewhere better than the […]

Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying – Rickie Lee Jones

The night’s the time for all your tears Your heart may be broken tonight But tomorrow with the morning light Don’t let the sun catch you cryin’ The nighttime shadows disappear And with them go all your tears Cuz the morning will bring joy for every girl and boy So don’t let the sun catch […]

My One And Only Love – Rickie Lee Jones

My heart sing, Like an April breeze On the wings of spring. And you come to me all your splendor, My one and only love. The shadow’s fall ans spread their Mystique charms in the hush of night, While you’re in my arms. I feel your lips, so warm and tender, My one and only […]

Traces Of The Western Slopes – Rickie Lee Jones

The far side of the tracks Lolitas playing dominoes and poker Behind their daddy’s shacks Vacant-eyes, glue-face boys On a pearl splashing glass If they give us any flack If they come up on our ass We’ll just give ’em the go-by The Cadillac pass Take me now From the blue and pale room I’d […]

Rainbow Sleeves – Rickie Lee Jones

You used to dream yourself away each night To places that you’d never been On wings made of wishes That you whispered to yourself Back when every night the moon and you Would sweep away to places That you knew Where you would never get the blues Well now, whiskey gives you wings To carry […]