Ride The Dragon – Manowar

Racing to the battle in the sky ancient Gods are
Calling me I hear them when they sing, of all the
Heroes who wait for me to die
Beneath a cloak of magic, I’ll meet them in the air, I am
Invisible, I move without a sound they look but cannot
Find me, they think that I’m not there with a spell I
Send them crashing to the ground

Wait for me dragon, we’ll meet in the sky
By fire and magic I am sworn. Hell is calling! We
Cannot be denied fly to the bllackness
Of the storm, we must die to reborn

I wear a sacred talisman, I make a secret sign
Now welcome me into this wicked wind, on
The journey of a shaman a dragon I must
Ride, the Gates of Hell are open! Let me in!!!
Rule of Hell or serve in Heaven

Lyric Ride The Dragon – Manowar