Right Here For You – 112

You already got a man..ooh (112)..be right here for you
But I see the way he treats you and baby I know I can treat you alot better..ooh (112) be right here for you
Whenever you need me, Im right right here for you

Verse 1
Listen, Baby you dont have to cry
So why wont you wipe your tears from your eyes
Girl, I need for you to see
WIth me is where you know you need to be
Whatever it is..girl dont hesitate to call on me
You dont have to worry bout a thing
Coz I’ll be right here waiting for you

And whatever he wont do..I’ll do (I’ll do it for you baby)
Whatever you need, I’ll give to you (I’ll give to you baby)
Whenever you cry, I’ll cry with you
Baby just call on me and I will be right there…
(Right there for you)

Lyric Right Here For You – 112