Rock’n’Roll – Rainbirds

ever since then it`s been tears blood and sweat
i am a handsome young woman now, with a long way to go
and if i can not be fast, wll then i`ll have to be slow
and i must not be sad, but happy and gay
well, that`s what the boss and everybody say
i must not be troubled by the doings and the done
and if i can not be slow, well then i can always run

through the valley of death with the sun in my soul
straight up from the bottom line to the hollywood bowl
and i shall fear no evil for i know the rule of the game
well it `s
one for the money
two for the show
three to get ready

i have travelled the world with not much left to see
but dead fish in the water and dead birds in the trees
i am a handsome young woman now with no place to stay
but if there is, it will be coming my way
and there always is beauty in every word
and if there is not it, must not be heard
is there something disturbing, it must not be seen

Lyric Rock’n’Roll – Rainbirds