A Man On A Tractor – Rodney Atkins

I woke up the same way this morning Like a stranger in my own life Tired and confused with too much to do Nothing left for my kids and my wife Oh I clung to that first cup of coffee Praying god, won’t you show me what’s real Then out in the distance I saw […]

Uncomplicated – Rodney Atkins

That says whatever Let’s have a good time, have a good time Don’t live her life out of some magazine Just a simple girl, simple dreams Uncomplicated One life, one love Sounds so easy, but it’s so tough One dance only one time around I like a truck, not too much chrome Something kinda old […]

Wasted Whiskey – Rodney Atkins

I had every intention of getting hammered here tonight I gave my truck keys to the bar keep Said “dave, don’t you dare let me drive” In the middle of this bottle I drank my train of thought off track So I’ve gotta stop drinking or start rethinking my reason for throwing them back Cause […]

Sing Along – Rodney Atkins

If you could read my mind, you might slap my face. If you could see inside my heart, you’d see it’s in the right place. See, it’s like bunnies in a Bramble, or honey bees in a hive. Whenever I’m beside you, that’s my paradise. Might be a twisted way of sayin’, I ain’t proud, […]

The Man I Am Today – Rodney Atkins

I woke up one morning and my mama was gone I tried to talk to my father he told me not to bother him he said boy being a man means being strong Now leave me alone So you say you wanna see behind the curtain you wanna know why I don’t show it when […]

Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy) – Rodney Atkins

The declaration of independence Think I can tell you that first sentence But then I’m lost I can’t begin to count the theories I had pounded in my head that I forgot I don’t remember all that spanish Or the gettysburg address But there is one speech from high school I’ll never forgot Chorus: Come […]

In The Middle – Rodney Atkins

Old gray fence, tarchip road Martin’s creek, almost home Whitetail buck by a one lane bridge Around the bend up on the ridge There’s Thompson’s barn leaning just a little Miss Myra’s store, smell the barbecue Make you stop for gas when you don’t need to At least 20 miles to the nearest town Hills […]

I Will Come To You – Rodney Atkins

but just like the rainfall it’s coming down And something says I shouldn’t try to stop Even though I want to I just don’t know how I guess the price of your plans is worth cashing in All our yesterdays but baby someday I will come to you like the sweetest revelation Like the words […]