Freedom – Roger Miller

What if someone said you couldn’t say your say And wouldn’t it be foolish if somewhere there was a rule […]

Arkansas – Roger Miller

But someday when the money’s such I’d like to see the world and all And maybe go through Arkansas Arkansas, […]

Absence – Roger Miller

Darkness the absence of light My life is made up of silence and darkness Since the absence of you from […]

Oklahoma Woman – Roger Miller

Ribbon of concrete stretching back far behind I’m rattling down round the southern parts of Texas With that Oklahoma woman […]

Roll Away – Roger Miller

A great weight, like a great stone has rolled away Roll away, roll away A great weight, like a great […]

Shame Bird – Roger Miller

Shame bird is flying, shame, shame on somebody That someone is me DonЎЇt crook your finger at me If you […]

South – Roger Miller

Sittin’ on the front porch waitin’ on the moon Talkin’ to my neighbor next door ain’t never ever very much […]

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