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The Avenue – Roll Deep

I’ve found a place to live I got it the hard way A permanent address to give I got it for always Nobody can tear me loose (Yo! Eski Bwoy!) they tell me there’s no escape On Heartache Avenue I’m living at 22 Heartache Avenue Come and see me tonight I got something for you […]

Wen I’m Ere – Roll Deep

It was bate who was gonna be here, (eeeee heeeee) Roll Deep is the name, and were up for awards all year, (eeeee heeeee) Wen u get here haters wonna end ya career, but wen we live on stage no fear wen were ere, back my team till the end is clear, i swear dis’ll […]

Good Girl – Roll Deep

I noticed all the qualities when it was too late My name too bate And people chat my name I couldn’t hide it It was fate so she bound to find out I had the right gal U know when u can know She had a nice heart and she had a nice smell When […]

Show You – Roll Deep

(Not feeling, Not Not feeling, Not Not feeling feeling feeling) Verse 1 – Breeze Went the long way, no, took the wrong way, Flopped and dropped out of college like Kanye, I don’t wanna neek, dont wanna stray, Had a fat pocket but crime dont pay, Just cos I let dreams go down stream, I […]