Rovianne – Rick Springfield

When I breathe I swear that I could draw you in
I hide my feelings but the veil is thin
It’d fall at the touch of your fingers or the smell of your skin
Late at night sometimes I have to ease my heat
I see your body burning on my sheet
It fades and the heat still lingers, I want to see you again

(Here she comes) Yeah I watch her walk on by
(Here she comes) And I see her hair in the sun
(Here she comes) I know she’s a little shy
(Rovianne) My heart bangs like a drum with a message to Rovianne
Rovianne, I’d do anything to be your lover
Yeah, Rovianne, Rovianne

Though it’s bitter and sweet
You’ve got me dancing in the street
Here she comes, that Mona Lisa smile is on her face
With that body and that animal grace

Lyric Rovianne – Rick Springfield