Performer RUN D-M-C

Them Girls – Run-D. M. C

[Run-DMC] Seen this girl on the block by the boon-ah On the spot she was down for the boom-mark Drop […]

You’re Blind – Run-D. M. C

Tenement buildings, and skyscrapers [Run] Are polluted and often invaded with troubled hearts, and weakened minds Living their lives and […]

The Ave. – Run-D. M. C

These are the words that I wrote so I hope that ya don’t man I’ll never joke about the coke […]

3 In The Head – Run-D. M. C

[Run] Come on stand up, still-a, a nigga that’s gettin iller If you’re weak and/or you’re sleepin (then what?) you […]

Rock Box – Run-D. M. C

Run.. (Run..) D.. (D) M.. (M) C.. (C) Rock.. (rock.. rock..) For you! (for you.. for you..) Fresh (fresh.. fresh..) […]

Ahhh – Run-D. M. C

Yo, yo Ayo I’ve seen Run with the chrome spitting Watching the Knicks in the back of the 6 Pulled […]

You Be Illin’ – Run-D. M. C

(One) day when I was chillin’ in Kentucky Fried Chicken Just mindin’ my business, eatin’ food and finger lickin’ This […]

Queens Day – Run-D. M. C

Know what I mean? DMC: Queens day cash made on Hollis Ave. Queen’s Queen’s Queen’s yea yea yea, make, make […]

Radio Station – Run-D. M. C

Radio station, on vacation Wonder where Run was, damn be patient Comin to the rescue, people won’t let you forget […]

Naughty – Run-D. M. C

And I say.. the brother’s about to get naughty! Rockin you on down.. to the last.. STOP! [Run] See them […]

Papa Crazy – Run-D. M. C

Now papa don’t give a damn, or say, “;Thank you, ma’am”; Eatin filet mignon, lobster tails and crab He eats […]

Soul To Rock And Roll – Run-D. M. C

“;I’m the.. I’m the.. I’m the.. I’m the..”; “;I’m the king of..”; “;ROCK AND ROLL!”; “;I’m the king of..”; “;ROCK […]

Walk This Way – Run-D. M. C

Now there’s a backseat/lover That’s always under/cover And I talk til my daddy say Said you ain’t seen/nuthin Til you’re […]

Raising Hell – Run-D. M. C

We’re raisin’ hell like a class when the lunchbell rings The king will be praised and hell will be raised […]

Hit ‘Em Hard – Run-D. M. C

Next.. next.. next.. Next y’all it’s yes y’allest the tallest Three the hardest from Hollis If we didn’t lock the […]

Wake Up – Run-D. M. C

[Get up] [Wake up], [wake up] [Get up] [Wake up] When I woke up this morning and got out the […]

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