Performer RUN D-M-C

Hit ‘Em Hard – Run-D. M. C

Next.. next.. next.. Next y’all it’s yes y’allest the tallest Three the hardest from Hollis If we didn’t lock the […]

Wake Up – Run-D. M. C

[Get up] [Wake up], [wake up] [Get up] [Wake up] When I woke up this morning and got out the […]

Back From Hell – Run-D. M. C

On the lower level where the devils dwell.. Comin from the one, comin back from hell {*”;Back..”; – “;from the […]

Rock Show – Run-D. M. C

Dee… Jay… Run… DMC… Yeah…! What…? Who…? King…of…Rock…! I want to rock right now DJ Run, and I’m claiming my […]

Peter Piper – Run-D. M. C

Humpty Dumpty fell down, that’s his hard time. Jack B. Nimble, what, nimble, and he was quick, but Jam Master […]

It’s Tricky – Run-D. M. C

This speech is my recital, I think it’s very vital To rock (a rhyme), that’s right (on time) It’s Tricky […]

Faces – Run-D. M. C

In your face, all the time All in your face when I’m kickin my rhyme All these faces in front […]

Get Open – Run-D. M. C

[Run] I seen you hopin and scopin I’m copin as I get you wide open Dyin and lyin while you’re […]

Crown Royal – Run-D. M. C

Forever… The King’s a ruler, the ruler rules (x4) [Run] I’m the epitome of royalty, you versus me, it’s a […]

My Adidas – Run-D. M. C

walk through concert doors and roam all over coliseum floors I stepped on stage, at Live Aid All the people […]

Tougher Than Leather – Run-D. M. C

I cannot guarantee lyrical accuracy; any assistance is appreciated [Run-D. M. C.] Unconceivable, unbelievable Grammar like a hammer information receivable […]

Mary, Mary – Run-D. M. C

“;Mary, Mary..”; I NEED YA HUGGIN [Run] Had a fly girl Flo, called her honey Next thing she spent up […]

Party Time – Run-D. M. C

It’s party time, and we came here to party so get up and move your body, cause it’s party time […]

Hard Times – Run-D. M. C

Watch out homeboy, don’t let it catch you P-p-prices go up, don’t let your pocket go down When you got […]

Hit It Run – Run-D. M. C

Born to rock around the clock You can’t say I’m not And in case you forgot I’m the KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING, of […]

30 Days – Run-D. M. C

But the offer that I make, it won’t be made again You don’t have to write, you don’t have to […]

Ragtime – Run-D. M. C

I.. woke up this morning got ready to roll Put on my green bomber it was, freezing cold Applied longjohns […]

Perfection – Run-D. M. C

[Run] It goes a one, two, three, and.. [Run] Perfection to D, is quite essential He has to live up, […]

Pause – Run-D. M. C

AFROS! Yeahhh Brothers be out there doin crack… NOOOOOOO They be doin dope… NOOOOOOO They be gangbangin! NOOOOOOO All them […]