Genocide – Running Wild

“It’s such a dangerous thing” The people that have it are the people that sin And the people that need […]

Firebreather – Running Wild

Three days of darkness, eternal light Celestial sign swallows up the light A raging storm, Armaggeddon’s here The enslaved’s hope […]

Soulless – Running Wild

Your flag’s turning with the wind, your advantage is prime Feathering your neat is your one and only law Treachery […]

Conquistadores – Running Wild

Troops arrayed by the church Sanctified and blessed they set out Crusaders, gentiles’ scourge They fight, they kill, they rape […]

Slavery – Running Wild

through the air They’re fighting courageous, driven by despair Deadly muzzle flash robs them of their pride Grapuels claw the […]

Port Royal – Running Wild

An Island in the golf of Darien Sandglas, bloody heart Flying high above the scene Marooners with loaded guns Are […]

White Masque – Running Wild

The hard groaning wheels, the deep ruts they cast The coach is rushing, through the haze of the night Darkness […]

The Battle Of Waterloo – Running Wild

Marshy fields and pouring rain all the blood and cannon’s fire, cuirassier’s attack British grenadiers stand tight Wellington’s command “Bluecher […]

Demonized – Running Wild

the whole world is going mad The atmosphere is going hazy, they loot the world until its dead The hell […]

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