Performer RZA

My Lovin’ Is Digi – RZA

[Force MD’s] Sometimes! I find! Someone, fuckin with my pussy My money and my ride Tuck my nine inside my […]

Love Jones – RZA

Damn, I wanna hear some slow shit that’s gonna relax you You know, a nigga, knahmsayin Goin through all that […]

Kiss Of A Black Widow – RZA

Let me tell y’all all something motherfuckers (Oh you complaining about that man?) Yeah them motherfuckers belong to us Straight […]

Holocaust (Silkworm) – RZA

(Bobby Digital), Wu-Tang Killer Bees (Its all about Bobby, I’m floatin in your galaxy) You fallin down a endless tunnel […]

Fuck What You Think – RZA

Yo, yo, fuck what you think Fuck what you think [Chorus: RZA/Bobby Digital] It’s about what you know, so fuck […]

B. O. B. B. Y. – RZA

Niggaz still, makin money offa those shits Loopin the same shits for a thousand years and shit right? The B, […]

Project Talk – RZA

yo, what up, dunn, (yo, yo, yo) aiyyo, peace, yo, what up, dunn (word, just watching the studio got all […]

Terrorist – RZA

Terrorist shit, terrorist shit, come and get a hold of it Tune of the Black Knight, Killarm, Killarm, Killarm [Dom […]

Unspoken Word – RZA

Yo, yo it’s the unspoken word You not heard, get your brains open Controlled emotions freewill as the same token […]

Airwaves – RZA

*alot of static* This is a Wu-Tang Killa Bee exclusive blast *echoing* Wake up, wake up, wake up Wu-tang, Wu-Tang, […]

N. Y. C. Everything – RZA

Yo, yo, yo From the heart of Medina to the head of Fort Greene Now-Y-C/Now I see Everything Niggas who […]

Domestic Violence – RZA

You ain’t shit, your daddy ain’t shit your brother ain’t shit, your money ain’t shit your lab ain’t shit, your […]

Lab Drunk – RZA

Wu-Tang worldwide, Wu-Tang, Bobby Digital worldwide wordlwide, word up, all y’all crab MC’s out there Let me spark y’all like […]

Daily Routine – RZA

*Word Up!* Straight up, spread my knowledge through your projects (knowledge through) Straight up (Word up) Word up *The chief […]

Mantis – RZA

The technique, depends mainly on arm and finger strength Once you’ve that, then the next step is to learn how […]