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The Demise Of History – Sabbat

The spawning of a new God begins The cities been lost to the war. Enemy existence is all abound Death laughs, his begotten playground The village of the damned is set forever. There’s a city forging in the underground Escaping the terror that brought man down Eclipsing nightmares bring the dreams to an end Look […]

Horned Is The Hunter – Sabbat

a vanquished Lord upon an oaken throne, presiding o’er this conflict that chills him to the bone, for each tarnished blade that festers is a thorn thrust in his side, and His pain alone bears witness to the folly of mankind. What hope for a king with no kingdom to rule? now his children desert […]

The Voice Of Time – Sabbat

Grieving with my heart, I cry Torn between the love I find Waiting on the other side Memories begin to fade Haunting me endlessly Soorow felt by those who mourn As I adopt my ethereal form. Descending from the mortal coil The spiral track from which I fell Can it be you I hear Whisper […]

How Have The Mighty Fallen? – Sabbat

Hidden from the eyes of man, Courtesans with sylph-like graces Dancing to the pipes of Pan – That echoed through the ether Notes that soured the wings of halcyon, Songs to give our life the meaning That we lack now they have gone. Watch the pattern ever changing In the tapestry of fate, Weft and […]

The Best Of Enemies (Wulf’s Tale) – Sabbat

Fed on ignorance and lies, So blind and narrow-minded That you cannot compromise. Even the most foolish theif Should know what he is taking – Lest he find himself within a Cage of his own making. The Ways of Wyrd are many and Our path you must decide, For the secrets that you seek Are […]

I For An Eye – Sabbat

This tale I tell that all may see, behind God’s truth lurks treachery. VOICE OF GOD ‘Mine is the right to glory and light, and you shall have heartache and pain, yours must be Hell – for in Heaven I’ll dwell, I care not for that earthly domain.’ HOST OF RIGHTEOUS ANGELS ‘For crimes against […]

Paint The World Black – Sabbat

He looks on staring at his past life unfolding Sail away on the waves of despair Drowned within the tears that once cared His kingdom has fallen down As his thoughts take him back For one who once treasured life Now to paint the world black. Who would believe What I have seen? Why has […]

A Cautionary Tale – Sabbat

take good care to draw thy circle true, by God must you prevail – for if you fail these demons make a meal of you. Your soul shall be their meat – a kingly feast for them to eat, beware your future at hand, alas for thou art dammed. GOOD ANGEL: “Faustus seek repentance, abjure […]