Performer SABBAT

Dreamscape – Sabbat

Stemming from my childhood dreams Haunted by surreal fears Culled from my yesteryears. With your last breath You’ll endure death […]

Hosanna In Excelsis – Sabbat

kings of Hades, in our quest for power unite, black messiahs, devastation angels, gird our loins – prepare to fight: […]

Advent Of Insanity – Sabbat

It’s song echoes through your mind, Leaves you thinking of tomorrow And the life you left behind. Come turn your […]

Horned Is The Hunter – Sabbat

a vanquished Lord upon an oaken throne, presiding o’er this conflict that chills him to the bone, for each tarnished […]

I For An Eye – Sabbat

This tale I tell that all may see, behind God’s truth lurks treachery. VOICE OF GOD ‘Mine is the right […]