Supremacy – Sacred Reich

out simplisticly you won’t even have to think you’ll just hear the words I speak What you don’t agree where is your morality questioning authority leads to the road depravity undesirable impurity questioning supremacy Abuse of power in and ivory tower when you are so far removed issues seem to confuse when you are so […]

Low – Sacred Reich

How I got here I’ll never know My heads a mess This building hopelessness I’m feeling low Caught in a grip of emptiness I can’t escape This darkness drags me down And tries to consume me I’m feeling low How much farther can I go I feel the end One step away from death I’m […]

Crimes Against Humanity – Sacred Reich

the masses air becomes thicker than the water we drink people unaware of the spread of disease smoke fills the sky and the sun disappears rain from above is like acid filled tears the fragile balance of sky and earth has been altered forever harmony disturbed Towering temples of modernization megatropolis monument to civilization pollution […]

The American Way – Sacred Reich

time has passed time for lies is here at last truth is false I’m so fed up how did we come to be so fucked hate fear pain death all our country has got left Talk to children hear them say daddy left again today brother steals and mommy lies future lost before their eyes […]

Pressure – Sacred Reich

don’t know what’s the problem seems like pulling teeth never had this happen I must overcome Pressure pressure pressure in my head pressure pressure pressure in my head Tap into the bank of knowledge reaching for the source look around in my mind for some meaning don’t know what I might find hope I find […]

Don’t – Sacred Reich

Save me from this hell I’m in Take me Lead me out and take me in Make me Help me try to understand Hate me Just because of who I am Judge you by the clothes you wear Judge you by the length of hair Find out not who you are Take you just for […]

Heal – Sacred Reich

I’ll remember all until my dying day I can’t forget just what you said meant But I’ll try my best still anyway Every promise broken I remember Don’t ever think I don’t Can’t forgive can’t forget While I try to heal my wounds I remember like it was yesterday All my days were filled with […]

Blue Suit, Brown Shirt – Sacred Reich

You mission to exclude Hate it blinds you cannot see Pass you judgment down on me Race dictates you every move Pride is what you claim to prove Seperation is what you mean Hate is what you preach Racist Peice of shit Bullet Is the only way you’ll learn A bullet in you fucking head […]

Free – Sacred Reich

as day to be free free of hate, peace of mind exorcise the demons that can leave you blind What I want, liberate from the things that bring you down free your self and all around what I see see neausiates eats the life inside of me kills the life inside of me Hatred venom […]