Forever Enslaved – Sacrifice

Trapped in his spell, leads you to hell the new Messiah emerges Promise of new life, drawn by strife Led into psychotic will Smell the tainted air, your soul stripped bare Weak thoughts are lured The cult welcomes you, nothing you can do Feel the evil stare Forever Enslaved Brainwashed to kill, his demands fulfilled […]

Light Of The End – Sacrifice

LEAD: Joe Energy generates to make waste of this earth Reactor overloads, we inherit a curse Cannot avoid the radiation intake Cannot correct the irreversible mistake No hope to restore these lands of no return Living are tortured, like souls in hell they burn Bone marrow weakens, their bodies weak and ill Technological mistake has […]

Afterlife – Sacrifice

The wheel of life turns forever A horizon begins to each that dies Transmigration follows every soul Must we all live an endless life Afterlife’s spell Afterlife’s spell The end is birth Earth is hell Dream of the kingdom are shattered You will never enter heaven We all must live eternal life Living in the […]

Sacrifice – Sacrifice

She will soon die, her soul is still pure Her body is trembling it’s filled with fear She’ll lose the life which she holds dear The dagger is ready to do it’s evil deed On her decayed corpse I will feed Tie her legs and arms ready to read the rite Now I feel the […]

Burned At The Stake – Sacrifice

Towards the church I feel no remorse Invoking satan for my work this night Now you will feel hell’s might Witch hunt to destroy my reign I will throw you into torment and pain Stalking through evil I see them die Burned at the stake under god’s lie Tormenting rage fighting the fire The flames […]

Beneath What You See – Sacrifice

In life there are people that I cannot understand I refuse to give into all that you demand You cannot see into me, and I cannot see in you Beneath what you see is someone that you thought you knew Beneath what you see Is someone you can’t control Alone I wait for someway to […]