The Entity – Sacrifice

Ghostly apparations in the dead of the night, haunting you The plane of existence where I am trapped, crossing through […]

Cyanide – Sacrifice

Your mind has silenced now, screaming souls await Chemiclas sent through your blood, they decide your fate Suicide overwhelms to […]

Necronomicon – Sacrifice

Bound by human flesh recite the book of the dead Necronomicon Black forces open the grave death is now my […]

Light Of The End – Sacrifice

LEAD: Joe Energy generates to make waste of this earth Reactor overloads, we inherit a curse Cannot avoid the radiation […]

Afterlife – Sacrifice

The wheel of life turns forever A horizon begins to each that dies Transmigration follows every soul Must we all […]

Sacrifice – Sacrifice

She will soon die, her soul is still pure Her body is trembling it’s filled with fear She’ll lose the […]