Sad Millionaire – Yukmouth

All I know….. is this Regime shit.

Chorus *(Phats, Big Lurch)*

I’m juss a thousandaire
but pretty soon I plan to be a millionaire
playa hatas best beware!

*(Big Lurch)*

Don’t hate on mine
when you want that sim to shine!
Don’t hate on mine
when you want that sim to shine!

Verse 1 *(Yukmouth)*

Nigga. Let’s do it.
I’m tryin to touch mo’ money than Bill Gates
but know that
when you get the money they will hate
them broads that hang around you wit the ice grill face
be the broads that lay you and take you to an ill place
Where the doe at?
They know you ballin, cuz you deal weight
you better show that, nigga where the safe is at while you still safe
cuz, niggas will take yo life
probably rape yo wife
if they can’t say China white, now say goodnight!
To the bad guy
in a ski mask guy
I been gettin cash guy
ever since my dad died
me and my real boys
in Mazda-has
bitches wit, cat eyes feed me lobster ya’ll
if I wanna ride I cop it, dawg
if I gotta flip one for my chocolate dawg
juss like we shop at the mall
don’t knock it ya’ll
I been ballin since the days of Genesis
and Benz’s flipped
tinted shit, while you just rentin shit
pretendin it’s, yours
drivin Honda Accord’s and Ford Probe’s
niggas flossin them hoes
my name is known across the globe
see me talkin on shows
Rolex rockin them hoes
knockin on my door lookin fo yo bitch, I put the glock to your nose.

*(Chorus)* 2x

Verse 2 *(Phats Bossalini)*

Blast the blood clot
my niggas makin money non-stop
off the rock
another hundred to cop
fiends blisterin
all action
we G’s wit Mac-10’s
Boss was sworen as a coppo
take bread
live like Macho, push the throttle
jet black seat pushed back in a Diablo
die slow
my niggas want it and triffle it
Hummer shit
cover my mic cuz it’s priceless
ice this
Rolex piece, watch and Jeep
niggas lose sleep
trainin my beasts how to feast
where the broke eat
approach yo block wit guns
cops will come
spread the bread in lumps son
my nigga John John
he had his head on tight
hit the pipe
now he tweaked, high as a kite
I used to shed tears
knew damn deep he didn’t care
hope and dreams that was all that’s there to be a millionaire.

*(Chorus)* 2x

Verse 3 *(Phats Bossalini)*

My niggas rock solid
make the money be the object
fuck a colleauge
I’m off the clock rockin dollas
see us
peep us
it’s juss the three of us
me an Yuk, plus Mad Maxx been out to get some.

Verse 4 *(Yukmouth)*

Feed it up
soon as I get up

Lyric Sad Millionaire – Yukmouth