Performer SADUS

Safety In Numbers – Sadus

Right from wrong – It’s only influential Generations pass – Provides no balance Safety in numbers – Not afraid of […]

False Incarnation – Sadus

It’s not your death developing your fear Deteriorating state, hope is lost Your greed for life is beyond the cost […]

Arise – Sadus

Not seeing through the self-accusing lies Are hordes of wormly cowards Who hesitate and fail to bring their dreams to […]

The Black – Sadus

A putrid Cloud – Choking all within Results of Progress, A noxious Waste – Floating in the Air Living free? […]

Certain Death – Sadus

Brain Contusion Sight and short of Breath Heartbeat pounding, Pulse is slowing Light has turned to Black Excruciating Agony Have […]

Crutch – Sadus

Leave me now and they’ll soon be gone – And if not the way I’ll make them then Find life […]

Hands Of Fate – Sadus

Show no Sorrow Steal their last Breath Hide in the Shadows to seek out my Prey Victim’s Creator leads them […]

Slaves To Misery – Sadus

A cause of violence for Fortune and Fame Like all possessed they worship it all Money loving mercenary Risks it […]

Words Of War – Sadus

All the pain – It can’t live without me Time is blind – As it runs right over me All […]

Good Rid’nz – Sadus

Killed swiftly in its own domain Struggling for what is left Brutal shock, dismemberment Ineffective attempts to flee Body stuck […]

Aggression – Sadus

Stand up for the things you say behind my back Extreme – Incensed – Enraged…You make me feel aggression Your […]

Powers Of Hate – Sadus

Are directing your thoughts And lead me to believe In what you are not Anger drives you To inflict others’ […]

Mask – Sadus

Plastic sense of value to go with your plastic way of life Your self-righteousness is corrupted by your tendencies to […]

Images – Sadus

Illusions forming to a substance, manifestation Confused beyond reality, false-fact-fusion Engulfed chaotic interlude, obscure vision When the sick mind is […]

Stronger Than Life – Sadus

No pussies squeak – When life gets tweaked Stay straight be strong – Stay tight live long Stronger than life […]

Fight Or Die – Sadus

Picked despite his Will To fight for his Country Supposedly Born and Bred to Kill He was afraid to Die […]

Twisted Face – Sadus

There’s no rest, endless Race It’s too late to save your Face From the twisted sons of Hate In your […]

Illusions – Sadus

Taking control of the fears I hide Intricate creations Twisting and shaping me from inside Massive confusion Constantly veiling my […]

Facelift – Sadus

Dividing Inside Dwelling on the Lies They made to build their Lives Born an Accident In a World where no […]

Man Infestation – Sadus

Time… is passing The world… is going straight down the tubes, oh well What man will make of it… time […]

And Then You Die – Sadus

A Game’s your Life Every Time is Right And one of these Times you’re gonna Die Racing Death, tempting Fate […]

The Wake – Sadus

Clouded vision, nothing seen Arise above normality Open your eyes so I can see Can’t you hear the scream in […]

Undead – Sadus

To crawl upon the Land Mutants of the Holocaust Lose their Flesh into the Sand Victims of the wicked World […]