Safer Hands – Olive

Little hand held high, I reached for you, Innocent and small
Never felt so safe, No wider smile, I had it all
No worries at all, Little girl just three, She couldn’t see
What there would be, Clearer than you think, My memory
He treasured me, Protected me


Wherever you have gone to, My mind is settled, You’re in safer hands
Although you’ve gone for good now, My mind is settled, You’re in safer hands

Verse 2
The day you left, No warning came, I was sleeping
Maybe it was your undying love, You didn’t wake me, didn’t take me
Now the years have flown and I have grown, There is a yearning
Give me just one day, to while away, To that I’m drinking: Wishful thinking

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
Even though it’s years, So long ago, There is a presence here

Lyric Safer Hands – Olive