Marble Lions – Saint Etienne

setting sail ‘cross darkened dawn. / Everybody wants / something, / and I want it all. / Stars are calling, / goodnight, darling. / Don’t say good-bye. / Stars are calling, / take the slow train. / Don’t say good-bye. / Marble lions / at the gates of Eden / screaming songs to lull the […]

Wood Cabin – Saint Etienne

A redwood tree The radio They moved them down the hall A beauty Queen from Idaho Was broken in the fall Never write a love song Never write a trip hop Never write a ballad Got to get a grip now Cause nothing ever matters If you hide away from it all In twenty years […]

Been So Long – Saint Etienne

I knew when you Came around here to see me You’d stay here till the morning Can’t stop myself from falling In love with you You know we’ll never be the same Been so long It’s been so long I’m tired of being alone There’s a way to go Honey I know now I’m calling […]

London Belongs To Me – Saint Etienne

Walked down Park Way, and settled down in the shade of a willow tree, someone hovering over me Close my eyes, breathe out slowly. Today the sunshine (sunshine) loves me only To the sound of the World of Twist you leant over, and gave me a kiss. It’s too warm to even hold hands, but […]

4:35 In The Morning – Saint Etienne

Hey baby I’ve been up all night Trying to make sense of my life Day’s breaking Things are getting bright After all this time And any fool could see That you’re the best thing That’s happened to me 4:35 in the morning Everything is clear 4:35 in the morning I wish that you were here […]

Erica America – Saint Etienne

Hair in curls Not quite as tall as the other girls I’d ran away from the laughter upstairs Wear high heels and I cut my hair Try to conceal so tired of their small town games Whistle a tune of a horse with no name Hang around by the stadium Drinking a wine like a […]

Split Screen – Saint Etienne

Today I got up easy You know I’m not a morning person Never said I was leaving I wasn’t sure until this morning Split screen our apartment Where you still lie there sleeping Keep feeling old cafes He’s the one who needs you baby Will you really miss me Will you really think about me […]

The Boy Scouts Of America – Saint Etienne

the weather in Chayco / is sparkling and clear. / The girl lies in bed, / the boy sits in the yard. / He wants to talk sleep / but he has to keep guard. / She stirs from her sleep / and she calls for a beer; / he knows there are none / […]

Who Do You Think You Are? – Saint Etienne

Who am I? / I’m just a girl / who only wants / to try / to do what’s right; / I’ll never make / you cry, / but you’re no good for me, and / who do you think you are? / You tried to push me a bit too far, / and every […]

Spring – Saint Etienne

there’s no need to despair. Forget about yesterday and the bad times that you’ve had. You’ve loved and lost, and now you’re feeling so blue, but can’t you see it’s me who really loves you? With the love I’ve got you’ll forget about her, and find it easy to live without her. It’s only springtime, […]

She’s The One – Saint Etienne

she’s the one. She, she’s the one. She’s the girl who thinks nothing of breaking up two people in love. In this world of ups and downs, [x8] She, she’s the one. She, she’s the one. Saw her again last night, I saw her with another guy. In this world of ups and downs, [x8] […]

Like A Motorway – Saint Etienne

He’s gone, / he’s gone. / She wears sad jeans / torn at the waistband. / Her pretty face / is stained with tears. / And in her right hand / she clasps a letter; / I know this means / that he has gone. / And in this town / of mis-guided tourists, / […]

Only Love Can Break Your Heart – Saint Etienne

When you were young and on your own, how did it feel to be alone? I was always thinking, games that I was playing, trying to make the best of my time. But only love can break your heart; try to be sure right from the start. Yes, only love can break your heart, but […]

Avenue – Saint Etienne

[sample:] A lemonade. Oo-oo-ooh, / young heart. / Oo-oo-ooh, / young heart. / Oo-oo-ooh, / young heart. / [Backing throughout the verses:] ba-ba-da ba-da ba-ba-ba-da… Pass me the suitcase, baby. / I know / it’s not that easy and / give me / my mirror, love, / just give me / back my memories, / […]

Former Lover – Saint Etienne

Milan, / when I was a kitten, / we’d sit and sing old songs. / Milan, / when I was a kitten, / we’d sit and sing old songs. / In my head, / listening to windchimes; / married a fool / I know. / In my head, / listening to windchimes; / married a […]