Category: SALAD

Cardboy King – Salad

The conversation with his mother Then take his place inside the box And plaster one wall then the other Pictures do the work of words Adverts for the modern lover He’s the cardboy king And he’s distributing as always The girls can stay indoors And then he visits them in turn Take a daily risk […]

Your Ma – Salad

I’m gonna get your mother to mix me a drink Just think She takes my hand to put it up her skirt I’ll call you up to dish the dirt on her So it doesn’t reoccur Your Ma will do it I don’t know where to hide Before I know it her hand’s inside I […]

Namedrops – Salad

You get on a bicycle And bend the frame Samson in a cage Gave him some wine and Danish Man, was he depraved Raindrops, teardrops Give me some real food Like out on the balcony Hamish in a den Now that I’m seventeen He must be ten You don’t seem to love me any more […]

Nothing Happens – Salad

There’s a man Whose arms are twisted round the vines Looking out for her to show But she’s late The sound of the crickets all around In the heat In the heat They say you’ll sell your body to the heat So he takes his muslin bag To the well Runs his fingers through his […]

The Sky’s Our Terminal – Salad

Coitus interruptus Tried to leave the world free spinning Someone surely stopped us Wait a day Second engine is OK Here we go again One more delay Couldn’t think what to say This is no test We’ve been told The sky’s our terminal There’s a message come through from my other home It’s my daughter’s […]

A Man With A Box – Salad

In the 1930s the man with a box went away In the 1940s a man with a box went beserk In the 1950s the man with a box left for work A man with a box could be loving and he knows it But a man with a box don’t work that way A man […]