Performer SALAD

Broken Bird – Salad

The lift attendent who’s been riding for miles Safari season is upon us once more The lion’s share to the […]

Yeah Yeah – Salad

It’s snowing now, the air is growing cold I rubbed the dirt and stared in through the windowpane I almost […]

Wanna Be Free – Salad

But you can’t cos you’re looking at me Hold you tight in my arms and you’ll see I am the […]

Insomnia – Salad

Sick as a parrot, bone-chilled How does my face look today? Don a smart cane in a dandy way My […]

Muscleman – Salad

Muscle up to him, He’ll let you rub his tan He’s a muscleman, Such a muscleman Muscle in with him, […]

Shepherds’ Isle – Salad

To the Sheperd’s Isle They say there’s people walking in towelling dressing gowns Awaiting trial I don’t want to go […]

Written By A Man – Salad

He’ll never cease to amaze you And every time he makes you smile He’ll never cease to please you So […]

Motorbike To Heaven – Salad

I’m gonna slice a lemon in two And when the charcoal’s burning bright We’ll be there, in heaven I’m gonna […]

Granite Statue – Salad

I am winter solstice waiting like a granite statue Just like a granite statue I will come when the weather’s […]

Terrible Day – Salad

Cos he’s left you feeling blue All alone all alone all alone – you’re all alone All alone all alone […]

Foreign Cow – Salad

Her sky is as high as sky The apple of her eye She doesn’t even try She knows she’s a […]

Foreign Cow – Salad

Her sky is as high as sky The apple of her eye She doesn’t even try She knows she’s a […]

U. V – Salad

The 60’s borrowed 20’s fashion I’ve lost all sense of city taste I’ll pick out all my favourite garms And […]

Cardboy King – Salad

The conversation with his mother Then take his place inside the box And plaster one wall then the other Pictures […]

Your Ma – Salad

I’m gonna get your mother to mix me a drink Just think She takes my hand to put it up […]

Namedrops – Salad

You get on a bicycle And bend the frame Samson in a cage Gave him some wine and Danish Man, […]

Nothing Happens – Salad

There’s a man Whose arms are twisted round the vines Looking out for her to show But she’s late The […]