Performer SALT N-PEPA

Imagine – Salt N Pepa

Imagine if we could live Imagine that, imagine that In this world without hate and prejudice Stop the violence, break […]

Big Shot – Salt N Pepa

It’s like, it’s like, it’s like, it’s like, it’s like… CHORUS Everybody wants to be a big shot Everybody wants […]

Break Of Dawn – Salt N Pepa

Keep-keep it on ’til the break of dawn (Boom-bam-slam) Keep-keep it on Keep-keep it on ’til the break of dawn […]

Friends – Salt N Pepa

Oh someone go on like them ya born to find if I bought them Born for prime star They are […]

Expression – Salt N Pepa

You know life is all about expression You only live once, and you’re not coming back So express yourself, yeah […]

Swift – Salt N Pepa

Then get the heck out Put on your battlin’ gear, but don’t come strapped Bullets are not needed, this time […]

Shoop – Salt N Pepa

[Oooo, how you doin’, baby? No, not you You, the bow-legged one, (ha-ha) yeah What’s your name? Damn, that sounds […]

Knock Knock – Salt N Pepa

Chorus: I’ve been knockin’ knockin’ Knockin’ at the door Open up and let me on in I wanna be more […]

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